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If your goal is to do business, then we have come up with a good business idea for you by doing this business, not only income in lakhs every month. There is sky of profit in this business for years. Let’s know a business idea now.

In the current OTT era, people are less interested in watching movies in single screen theaters, but movie market analysts say that the main reason why people are reluctant to watch movies in single screen theaters is because of high ticket prices and snack prices. But many people say that if the medium of film is made closer to the middle class, it can generate income on a large scale.

But in rural areas cinema theaters are few but infrastructure is also very poor. BC centers of old did not have proper seating and sound facilities or people were not much interested in watching movies. On the other hand, the management of theaters is also expensive, in this context, some franchisees have come forward to make mini theaters and earn good income. At present mini theaters are established in the Telugu states under the name of Choru Maharaj brand and the seating capacity inside these is less and the theater structure is oval shaped like an igloo.

Under this franchise established in the name of Chothar Maharaj, we can build Inter at a very low cost. We can set up a theater where 100 people can sit and watch a movie under this concept. It is very easy to set up this mini theater in tier 2, tier 3 cities, tehsils and gram panchayats, its investment will cost around 20 lakhs to 40 lakhs. Also, it will be very profitable if a restaurant and a canteen are set up in addition to this theater.

This theater can be set up in a very small space. Although the auditorium in this theater is a bit small, but in terms of quality, it is very good to watch the movie. Especially its maintenance cost is very low. It is affordable especially for those who want to set up a movie theater in rural areas. Also, the cinema and dining experience is very cheap for the audience.

Choru Maharaj theaters have already been set up on a large scale in many small towns across the country and these theaters are also being set up in Telugu states. But in view of the rising costs, the people coming to the theaters are gaining popularity day by day in providing entertainment at a low cost.


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