CEO Neil Mohan, who received a bonus of Rs.544 crore from YouTube, did you know the first salary at the beginning of his career..?

Indian origin Neil Mohan has been appointed as the new CEO of YouTube. In 2013, Mohan earned Rs.544 crores through YouTube. Got a bonus. But, when you start your career, you will be shocked to know that his salary is high.

544 crores Do you know the first salary of the new YouTube CEO Neil Mohan who received a bonus MKA

First Published Feb 17, 2023, 9:38 PM IST

With the appointment of Indian American Neil Mohan as the CEO of YouTube, all Indians are once again overflowing with pride. Neel Mohan has been promoted to the current position from Chief Product Officer of YouTube. After Susan Wojcicki resigned as CEO of YouTube, Neil Mohan was chosen to replace her. Susan Wojcicki is one of the leading women in technology. Wojcicki, 54, resigned due to family, health and personal reasons. Wojcicki has been the CEO of YouTube since 2014. Neal also worked with Wojcicki for many years.

Mohan was instrumental in introducing YouTube shorts, live streaming and subscription services. Not only that, Susan believes that good days will come for the organization under the leadership of Mohan. Neil Mohan received Rs. 544 crore as bonus, close sources say. But you will be surprised if you know Mohan’s first salary in his career. Mohan earns only Rs. per month in America. He started his career with a salary of 2.15 lakhs.

Neil Mohan, a Stanford graduate, glorified technical support for Rs 2.15 lakhs per month. Started career with salary. Moreover, Mohan also worked as a senior analyst in Accenture. After that he worked in a company called Double Click Inc. His career flourished in this company. Appointed Global Client Services Director in just three years and five months.

Later in 2008, Google acquired Double Click Inc. After this deal, he joined Google as Senior Vice President. In 2015, Mohan was appointed YouTube’s Chief Product Officer. After that he rose to the level of CEO of YouTube. In 2013, Mohan earned Rs. 544 crores from YouTube. Bonus received. Since then Mohan has been recognized as the star performer of the company.

The world’s largest IT companies are headed by CEOs of Indian origin. Now Neil Mohan has also joined that line. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayan and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai are of Indian origin. Apart from IT companies, some other prominent companies of American origin are also headed by CEOs of Indian origin.

Meanwhile, Laxman Narasimhan of Indian origin will take over as the CEO of Star Bucks coffee shop. Raj Subrahmanyam works as the CEO of FedEx, the world’s largest transportation services company. Experts say that the hiring of people of Indian origin by leading American companies is a symbol of Indians’ management skills.

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