Chitra tied a bracelet for Malvika’s wedding.. Sulochana is worried about her daughter!

Veda angrily asks who put my phone on silent at the beginning of the episode. Yash says I put it on silent, you are very tired and sleep, I put it on silent. I have a clinic where I have to be on 24/7 availability. Even knowing all this, how can you keep silent. A baby was brought to the hospital with 103 fever and called 20 times.

If anything happens to that baby, who will be responsible? Yash says sorry. If I tell her that I am sorry, I will never see such an irresponsible doctor in my life. Veda angrily leaves from there, saying that there can be any shame as a doctor. What is Veda who is going in the car, how long will it take patience, will this quarrel become chilly and chilly wind rain.

She knows that she should not lock it until it is broken, but she thinks that she will endure it for a long time. At the same time Yash also gets lost in thought. No matter what you want to do, one mistake will reverse before you correct it, another mistake will happen. Yash thinks that we are getting closer to Veda, but she has been enduring for many years and the quarrels are increasing day by day.

On the other hand, Chitra says you have taken the right decision regarding Malvika, that’s why I congratulate you. Vasant says I didn’t bring him to the house he likes, I brought him because my elder brother told me to. Chitra says that any girl wants maturity in her partner, lucky for you, you have such maturity.

No matter how much I don’t want him, I will send him back with my own hands, but at that time you should also become an associate with me. Vasant says it will be good once he comes home. Chitra says she will definitely come and meet Malvika. Vasanth happily says good night and leaves.

I will definitely come Vasant, you want this marriage to happen, I want it not to happen, I want Malvika not to be forced by that Abhimanyu no matter what. Chitra thinks that I will do what I have to do. On the other hand, Yash apologizes to Veda. He says he feels guilty for keeping your phone on silent.

I have to feel guilty that I could not treat a baby with high fever, I am a failure as a doctor. I’m tired of your ego and your attitude. What should be between husband and wife is not between us. Veda says that it is not up to me how long I will be patient.

Yash says don’t feel too much, I admit that it was my fault, why are you over exiting. The Vedas say that whoever commits mistakes like you will fight. Veda says leave me alone. Yash says without thinking that he is getting tougher as he survives. Veda says that this mad anger is not for you.

Yash says that before you learned to respect your husband, you did something big wrong and shouted like that in front of everyone. Veda says you should also respect your wife. Yash says arrogance. Love of soul is Veda. Yash says you don’t deserve to be my wife if you don’t understand. Veda says you have no right to be my husband who does not know responsibility.

But both of them want to separate. Sulochana wakes up in a panic and shouts that don’t divorce her. Sharma wakes up to that cry and asks what happened. The son-in-law is angry with our daughter and says he will divorce us, let’s go and talk to the son-in-law, Sulochana says nervously.

Sulochana says it’s 4 in the morning, what are you talking about, did you have a dream, Sharma says. Yes, it is a nightmare. Sulochana wakes up early and prays to God to protect my daughter Kapura. When she comes out, her husband reads the paper and gets confused by taking the paper from him and seeing the horoscope results.

Sharma says what happened. As I was afraid, it is also written in Rasi Falas that there are quarrels between husband and wife and bad consequences in married life. Sharma says I am scared if you tell me if it is true. In the case of Vedas, it is suggested that Rasi phalas have never gone wrong. I will keep my child’s life by saying vows and vows.

She says I have one thing to do first. Sharma asks what is the idea. She says she will talk to Veda. Sulochana comes to Veda later in the scene. Seeing her, Veda makes her sit down saying that something that never happened has come like this. Meanwhile, he goes there and comes back. Sulochana asks did son-in-law come, did he talk to you?

Veda says mom why are you asking. Nothing, son-in-law is very nice, I like you very much. Veda says why are you saying all this. Sulochana says why did you shout at son-in-law like that in front of all of us? I feel the same way.

Veda says that he has done something wrong, but it is not good for him to look at everything in a magnifying glass, is it necessary to have a big discussion just for the bracelet? The son-in-law is not bad, it is the husband who has to bear it, not the wife. Sulochana says that wife and wife’s first child is the one who has to bear in mind that wrong is right, good is bad. I went to Subrahmanyeshwar Swamy temple.

If there are any quarrels in your marriage, Sulochana will give prasad to the daughter. Sulochana goes from there saying that while going to bed at night, put a wand to Lord Subrahmanyeshwar and go to sleep, everything will be good. After hearing all these words, Vini Ma Sulochana comes to Veda. Veda says sudden surprise after hearing what.

Vinni says what’s wrong, I came to see you while going this way. Veda says mom has also come now. Yes, I saw that the class seems to be peeing, Vinni says. Veda says that one should not hurt the mind. Did you know about him? He says leave it. Veda says I am not talking about him, I am talking about myself.

Vinni suddenly becomes serious. Veda says I should not have hurt him as mom said. I heard your mother say old man’s old talk, don’t pay attention to it. Vedas say that husband is husband and camphor is camphor whether it is old generation or new generation. Is it necessary to get a wild husband back?

Vinni asks if it is necessary to be humbled and be careful, is it necessary to live with the attitude of Mogudi. Veda says that I have hidden a secret from you, do you know what it is? Many years ago I got very angry with you and decided to end our friendship. Do you know what my mother said then that if I think there will be no misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Hearing those words, what I forgave you then, now I can’t forgive my husband, how can I be a husband if I don’t do wrong, how can I be a wife if I don’t correct myself? Veda goes to Yash saying that now my mind is very comfortable. Vinni thinks that after he leaves, I will never let that happen, I will delete the word husband from your life. In the next part, Veda thinks that I am not only Khushi’s mother but also his wife. When Yash comes, she goes and touches him.

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