Clash between two groups.. A student who was taking a video from the terrace was hit by a bullet and died (Video)

A BED student who shot a video from a terrace during a clash between two groups in Bihar was killed. The rioters have guns. Some of them pressed the trigger and a bullet injured the student.

Bihar student who is recording the clash shot by a person video

First Published Mar 9, 2023, 8:17 PM IST

New Delhi: A tragic incident took place in Bhagalpur, Bihar. The two groups clashed on the road. Some of them are holding guns. They threatened each other with guns. As the clash was taking place in front of the house, the student went to the terrace and started recording the video. Meanwhile, one of the group fired a gun. The bullet directly hit the student who was making the video. The student died while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Two groups of local corporators clashed in Bhagalpur’s Naugachia. This clash is happening in front of Ashish’s house. Both Ashish and his brother Sachin went up to the terrace. The video of the incident is being recorded. Ashish was hit by a bullet when a person in the fight fired a gun. Ashish is a BED student. He is studying in the second year of a teacher’s training college. Ashish’s father Pradeep Pandit owns a hardware shop in Naugachia.

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According to an eyewitness report, Naugachia Municipal Council Chairman Prithikumari’s husband W Yadav, his brother Pappu Yadav and others were clashing with Ward No. 10 councilor Manish Singh’s brother Lal Singh. Councilor Manish was also there. He is trying to settle the dispute.

While the fight was going on, W Yadav and those who came with him started firing. As they opened fire, Ashish, who was taking a video from the terrace, was hit.

The entire incident was video recorded till Ashish was hit by a bullet. The police have started investigating the incident. The police said that they will not spare the culprits. They said that they are hunting the accused.

Last Updated Mar 9, 2023, 8:17 PM IST

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