Comedian Geetasingh’s house is a tragedy.. The comedian lost his son in an accident

A great tragedy happened in the house of popular Telugu comedian Geetasingh. Geeta Singh’s elder son died in a road accident. Geeta Singh was deeply saddened by this incident.

Tollywood Comedian Geeta singh son Died in accident

First Published Feb 18, 2023, 7:28 AM IST

Recently, a series of tragedies are happening in the film industry. Tragedy struck the house of Tollywood lady comedian Geetasingh. Geeta Singh’s elder son died in a road accident. Tollywood actress Karate Kalyani revealed this on her social media page. Children should be very careful. He said that if the vehicles are not under control especially while driving, they will have to lose their lives in accidents. He said that Geeta Singh’s son also died in this accident.

But Geeta Singh is not married yet. After the death of her elder brother, she took the responsibility of two children. She is also raising Maro’s baby with them. Living in the world of those three, she doesn’t even have film opportunities. It must be said that this tragedy dealt an irreparable blow to Geeta Singh. Geetasingh’s elder son met with an accident in a car with his friends on Friday evening. It seems that he died on the spot in this accident.

Looking at Geeta Singh’s career, she has no opportunities at present. Geetha acted as Allari Naresh Jodi in Kitakitalu. The lady comedian got a series of opportunities after the movie Kitakita. But she did not get many opportunities. Not only that.. Geetasingh lost the property acquired through movies by trusting some people. With that, it seems that they are currently facing financial difficulties.

Last Updated Feb 18, 2023, 7:28 AM IST

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