Comedian’s shocking comments on the movies of stars heroes.. Why do it if there is no story..

Rahul Ramakrishna became popular with the movie ‘Arjun Reddy’. Before that, he impressed with the short film ‘Cinema’. He impressed with the films `Gita Govindam’ and `Jati Ratnala’. Especially “Jati Ratnalu” Rahul Ramakrishna’s comedy is pleasing throughout. Now he is going to come with the film ‘Intinti Ramayanam’. He played an important role in this. It will be released soon. On this occasion, a film press meet was held in Hyderabad on Friday, in which Rahul Ramakrishna spoke and made shocking comments about the star’s big films.

On this occasion, Rahul Ramakrishna responded to the question why big films and regular commercial films are not being made and asked again why they are being made if there is no story. He said that there is no hope of falling behind the money. He said that he wants to make a good film and after doing such films, he wants to eat and sleep well after going home. He has no sense of regionalism. He said that he will do anything if he likes the story, the story is good in this movie, the characters are good and he liked Suresh’s narration.

Having said that, Telangana has many regions. “Balagam” has shown that culture in a way. Our movie shows otherwise. Telangana culture, which has been forgotten for a long time, now looks good and beautiful in the mainstream cinema. I am very happy about that. This is a film that is pure and untainted by regions and differences. The director has got a good performance from us by showing our mentalities and emotions very vividly and very easily. He said that this movie will have double entertainment than `Jatiratnalu’. He thanked Nagavanshi, Maruti and the producers for giving him this opportunity.

Talking about the main reason for making the film “Intinti Ramayanam”, he said, “There are two reasons for me to make this film. The first reason is the story written by Suresh. The second reason is that I am a fan of Vamsi, Maruthi, Naresh, Navya and Gangavki who are part of this movie. I also became a fan of Suresh after the film. Rahul Ramakrishna revealed that I made this film as a fan boy.

Nagavanshi, a famous producer, said, “First we started this as a digital movie. After seeing the output, we are releasing it with the belief that it will play in the theater. Dil Raju’s recently released movie Balagam was also made in the backdrop of Telangana. This movie is different from that. I hope you all will like this film, in which my friends are introducing themselves as producers,” he said.

Famous director Maruti said.. “Suresh has worked with me in the direction department for Kothajanta and Aidaru films. After that, Suresh, who started his directorial efforts, said that once he had written a story. I loved the story when I heard it. It is a story that connects to every home and everyone. Even if it is released in other languages, this movie will definitely be a hit. The movie did very well. Lovers was the first film I produced with Nagavamshi. From then our journey as producers started. Venkat lost a lot of money in distribution due to his love for the film. We are happy to introduce Venkat and Gopichand as producers with this film who love cinema without thinking about profit and loss. Rahul just heard the story and agreed to do this film. Love short films. Especially encourage such good films.”

Film director Suresh Naredla said that this film was shot as an Aaha original film. But this was possible when Vamsi and Maruthi suggested that it would be better if the audience could experience such a good film in a theater. Due to the efforts of all the team, we completed the shoot in less days than expected. My special thanks to my producers Venkat, Gopi.. and Aha who agreed to the theater release. This is a must watch movie for every family. It opened with a different plot. Watch this movie with your family and friends.. you will definitely enjoy it. Kalyani Malik and Kasarla Shyam gave very good songs. “Kasarla Shyam has helped a lot in Telangana dialect,” he said.

‘Intinti Ramayanam’ is a family drama film produced by Ivy Productions under the auspices of Suryadevara Nagavanshi and Maruti team. Producers are Venkat Uppathuri and Gopichand Yinnamuri. Directed by Suresh Naredla, the film stars Naresh, Rahul Ramakrishna, Navya Swamy, Surabhi Prabhavathi and Gangava in lead roles. Music composed by Kalyani Malik. The promotional images released from this film, which is a story of a middle-class family in a rural setting, have impressed the audience. The film is all set to hit the theaters soon.


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