CPI Ramakrishna’s allegations against Jagan Sarkar

Vijayawada: The MLC is acting against the rules of the ruling YCP who wants to win the election no matter what he does…

Vijayawada: CPI State Secretary K Ramakrishna has accused the ruling YCP, which wants to win the MLC election, whatever it does, against the rules… and is using the government machinery for campaigning. As a part of this, Andhra University Vice Chancellor Prasad Reddy, who has been acting as a YCP activist since before, has stepped into the field. It was alleged that the VC and Registrar of Sakshattu University held a meeting with the owners of private educational institutions at Le Daspalla Hotel and started the MLC election campaign with the support of YCP. He said that the situation has never been so bad… The government is not following the minimum norms. He said that in Kadapa and West Rayalaseema constituencies, RJD Pratap Reddy is shamelessly holding meetings and distributing gifts. CPI Ramakrishna alleged that the YCP government is trying to win the MLC elections by using the bureaucracy everywhere.


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