Death of a Telugu student in America… what happened?

Bapatla: Born in a middle-class family, he was active in studies. Because of this, the parents thought that if their son’s life was good enough, even though it was a burden, they sent him abroad for higher education. In this way, the parents, who had placed their hopes on their son’s golden future, were finally left with heartache. The parents were overwhelmed with grief when their son, who had gone abroad for higher studies, came back as a bereaved person. This incident filled Bapatla district with sadness.

Gowada Nagasai Gopi Arun Kumar (23), son of Singhaiah and Subbayamma, a remote village in Martur mandal of Bapatla district, was a good reader. As per the wish of the son who completed engineering with good marks, the parents pledged the property and sent it to America. Arun went to America seven months ago to study MS. He was staying in the US with his friends and went missing since the beginning of this month and finally found himself dead.

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Arun’s friends complained to the American police on March 1 that he was missing. In this sequence, on March 4, the American police found the body of an Indian youth in a lake near Arun’s residence. The police took out the body and informed the local Indians. Arun’s friends also went suspiciously and found that the dead body was theirs. With the help of friends, Arun’s body reached India.

However, parents and family members are raising doubts as they said that Arun died by accident… and then committed suicide. Those parents are in a helpless situation of not being able to know what happened when their son died in a country that was not a country. The parents want the cooperation of the state government to find out the cause of their son’s death. No one could console the parents in the grief of losing their son.



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