Death threat from Putta Madhu… Tearful female MPP couple

Peddapally BRS Party’s Zilla Parishad Chairperson Putta Madhu has expressed concern over the threat to his life. MPP of Peddapally District Ramagiri Devakka and her husband Komuraiah came before the media. On this occasion, MPP Devakka broke down in tears to protect her from Putta Madhu. Komuraiya said that Putta Madhu had abused his wife in front of her and called her to talk. The aggrieved couple expressed their concern that the lawyer had threatened to do the same to the couple in the past.

The MPP couple said that they will complain to Ramagundam CP about Putta Madhu’s threats. He also said that this matter will be brought to the notice of Chief Minister KCR and Minister KTR. MPP asks Devakka to save them from Putta Madhu.


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