Devayani is surprised to see the change in Rishi.

Guppedantha Manasu: The serial Guppedantha Manasu which is being aired on television is very impressive to the audience. The serial continues with the love story between a lecturer and a student in a college. Let’s find out what happened in today’s February 18th episode.

Rishi demand answer jagathi and mahendra in todays guppedantha manasu serial gnr

First Published Feb 18, 2023, 7:41 AM IST

In today’s episode, Rishi’s eyes fell back till now, why is it necessary to go now, why are you so stubborn, Vasudhara says love sir, and why did you make me cry all these years when there is so much love? Then Vasudhara says it is not you but I also got hurt a lot. Later, Vasudhara asks her to stop the car somewhere, get out of the car and say thank you sir because my MD is there, he says he is angry on his nose. Vasudhara says yes, your MD has done all the wrongs, but you did not do it, sir, and says that she wants to travel with our MD for the rest of her life, and leaves from there.

After that, the Rishi went to a place and was happy to touch the things that touched the words of Vasudhara. Mr. Rishendra Bhushan Vasudhara keeps shouting loudly thinking that he is not married to anyone. On the other hand, when Dharani is going into the kitchen, Devayani is sitting there, she will say something if she sees something, but she remembers Devayani and asks why are you sneaking, do you want to stab her in the back. Then Rishi comes there happily while Dharani answers the questions asked by Devya.

Then Devayani thinks why Rishi is so happy. Now Rishi Santosh is not talking to you lately. If you are bored at home, tell me, come to college and get a job there. It will be a shock. Rishi says what Rishi, you are looking very new, I am also new, Peddamma, Rishi leaves from there. On the other hand, Jagati and Mahendra are drinking coffee at Vasudhara’s house. Then Mahendra says we should party this happy time.

Vasudhara says that mother Rishi asked if you got together and got to know the truth but Rishi sir is still angry with me sir. Mahendra says that Rishi is usually a loving mother inside but pretends to be outside. I couldn’t even say that we know the truth but now Rishi knows the truth and that’s enough, meanwhile Rishi comes there clapping. He comes there and praises it as very good. Rishi says you all have played a lie to me even if you all know that Vasu has tied thali on his own neck, you all acted well.

I am mad because you all know the truth and don’t tell me. All of you are great actors, even though you all know that you have not told me the truth. Then the Rishi stops them all together. Then Rishi is suffering so much while stopping the world and says madam don’t you think we should tell the truth and ease his pain. Now Jagati tries to tell the truth and Rishi says don’t say anything. Rishi says sadly that I treat you with respect in every respect, how could you hide the truth from me?

Rishi asks if this is the gift you gave me in return madam. He asks Chakrapani, Sir, have you also hidden the truth from me? Then Vasudhara gets shocked as Rishi misunderstands Vasudhara and says, “Oh, you are open minded, can you even stand up to them?” Then Rishi angrily speaks misunderstanding everyone. If you are suffering so much, you are all happy inside, everyone will be shocked saying that this is a monster’s happiness. He says that my heart has been hurt, everyone has hurt my heart and hurt my heart.

I asked Vasudhara a few hundred times who tied the thali around your neck and she answered something. Rishi says sadly that they gave me tests. He says that all of you blindfolded me and played a game and played a game with my life. Then the Rishi gathers everyone together and asks Vasudhara if you are justifying the thali on his neck. Now everyone is silent, not knowing what to say.

Last Updated Feb 18, 2023, 7:41 AM IST

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