Differences between Kamareddy Congress.. Clash at Revanth Reddy’s camp..

Disagreements between the leaders of the Telangana Congress keep emerging on many occasions. Recently, the differences between leaders in Kamareddy Congress have been revealed. The leaders of both sides clashed. The fact that this incident took place in the presence of TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy has now become a topic of discussion. Details.. It is known that TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy is conducting Hath Se Hath Jodo Yatra. Currently, Revanth Reddy’s padayatra continues in Kamareddy district. However, an argument took place between Madanmohan and Subhash Reddy factions at Revanth Reddy’s Padayatra camp in Ellareddy constituency. This led to a lot of conflict.

The controversy started when Subhash Reddy, the mandal president of the Congress party belonging to the Madanmohan group, prevented Raju from entering. In no time there was a very tense atmosphere. There was a clash between the two sides. Both sides attacked each other. It was in this sequence that Revanth Reddy’s private security tried to control both sides but it was useless. However, the revelation of differences between the leaders at the Revanth Padayatra camp has now become a topic of discussion.

And, for some time now, differences between Madanmohan and Subhash Reddy’s factions have continued. Subhash Reddy’s faction will take care of the arrangements for Revanth Reddy’s padayatra in Ellareddy constituency. But Madanmohan’s faction is strong against Subhash Reddy’s faction. Madanmohan’s group accuses Revanth Reddy of giving a corner to Subhash Reddy’s group.


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