Dil Raju stopped thinking that relations would be damaged, what happened again?

Fans are excited that the Geetha Govindam combo is done once again. Hero Vijay Devarakonda and director Parasuram are going to make a movie together and this successful pull combo movie has been announced. But it didn’t take long to be happy. There were reports that Allu Aravind did not like Parushuram who came from his camp and tried to repeat the same magic as Parusuram did with a super hit combo and got angry. There were reports that Allu Arvind on the spot denied the movie with Vijay saying how he will do the movie with Dil Raju in Geetha Arts. At that time there was talk that Parasuram took an advance from Allu Aravind. It was because of this that Allu Aravind got very angry in the media.

He also said that Parasuram directly apologized to this mega producer along with Allu Aravind. However, it is reported that Allu Arvind is not calm. However, the announcement of a film with Vijay Deverakonda under the banner of Parashuram and Dil Raju led to a big controversy. With that, it seems that Dil Raju has now stopped the project temporarily because of the unnecessary controversy with the producer like Allu Aravind. Because there are many heroes from Mega Camp.

Dil Raju also has a good relationship with Allu Arjun’s son Allu Arjun. Allu has been doing films with Arjun since the beginning of his career. In this order, they are saying that if they hope for this one project, they will be at odds with the whole camp. It is being spread that recently Dil Raju called both Parusuram and Vijay Devarakonda and told them to put this project on hold for now and think about it later.

Anyway, this is Vijay Devarakonda’s first film under Dil Raju’s banner. It is sad for the fans that the big budget movie which is going to be made with a fresh script has stopped like this. Mahesh Babu got a commercial hit last year with the song of Sarkaruvari Parasuram. After this movie, he announced that he is going to make a movie with Nagachaitanya named Nageswara Rao. But this project did not work out as there was no reconciliation between Nagachaitanya and Parasuram regarding the script. Now it is reported that these two projects are being put aside and Karthi is going ahead.


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