Disagreements in the family.. Surya who has separated the camphor..? Is the reason Jyothi..?

Did differences arise in Tamil star hero Surya’s family..? Is he separated from the family? Are you living separately with Jyothika?

Tamil Star Hero Suriya Got Separated From Family

First Published Mar 2, 2023, 10:38 AM IST

Not to mention the Tamil hero Surya. Apart from Tamil, he also has a good market in Telugu. As many fans as he has in Tamil Nadu, he has the same number of fans in Telugu. Surya’s experiments in movies are not all. Surya, who hit a consecutive hat-trick, is getting ready for the next Pan India film. Recently, a news related to Surya is going viral on social media. So that’s it..?

Suriya didn’t become famous only with movies.. The reason why he got fans who care for him is his personality. Not to mention Surya’s mind personally. Surya, who is gentle and kind, is doing many films and doing many service activities with his family. Many poor students are educated through Agaram Foundation. He is doing these good works along with father Shivakumar and younger brother Karti.

In this sequence, a shocking news related to Surya family is going viral. The news of Suriya being separated from his family is doing the rounds in the Tamil film circle. Apart from that, there are reports that Jyothika is also the indirect reason for their separation. In this regard, various rumors are doing the rounds based on the comments made by senior Tamil actor Bailvan Ranganathan. For many days, the news has been saying that Suriya’s relationship with his father Shivakumar and younger brother Karti is not going well.

It seems that Sivakumar does not want to marry Surya.. Jyotika. But aside from that… Jyothika, who was away from the silver screen after her marriage, is doing films again, Shivakumar is also worried. With that, Tamilnadu news is going viral that there is conflict between father and son in this matter. As they are getting bigger and bigger, it seems that Surya has decided to separate from his family.

Not only that, another strange news is doing the rounds on the net. There are also rumors that Suriya is going to stay in Mumbai with his family. There are already reports that they are staying in Mumbai for some time. Not only that, they are also getting ready to buy houses in Mumbai. But there is no official information in this regard. To know whether this is true or not, someone from Surya’s family has to respond. And what will be their response to the rumours. It remains to be seen whether Asulu will talk about these or not.

Last Updated Mar 2, 2023, 10:38 AM IST

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