Do this for thick and black eyebrows.

The shape of the eyebrows enhances the beauty of the face. Perfect eyebrows are thick and dark. But with some tips you can make your eyebrows beautiful. If so..

Everyone’s eyebrows are different in color and size. Some people’s eyebrows are thicker than they need to be. Others are too thin. No matter how beautiful your skin is.. perfect eyebrow shape will enhance your beauty. But many women use makeup products to make their eyebrows thicker and darker. But it’s hard to keep the brows in place throughout the day. With a few simple tips you can make your brows thicker and darker permanently. If so..

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Coffee powder

Coffee powder in the kitchen works effectively to increase the color of the eyebrows. For this, one teaspoon of coffee powder should be mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of honey or olive oil. Apply this paste on your eyebrows. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Do it day in and day out for better results.


You can use henna to enhance the color of your eyebrows. Make sure not to get it on the skin around the eyebrows while applying it. Otherwise the skin becomes red. Be careful while applying henna to avoid scarring. Along with this, petroleum jelly can be applied on the skin around the eyebrows. Using henna once a month will make your eyebrows look darker and thicker.

Hibiscus flower

Even using hibiscus flower will make your eyebrows dark and thick. Apply this flower paste on your eyebrows and keep it for 25 to 30 minutes. Then wash off the nail with warm water. Use regularly for better results.

eye brows

Aloe vera, olive oil

Vitamin A present in olive oil helps in the growth of eyebrows. Also, the vitamin E present in it provides sufficient moisture to the eyebrows. Enzymes present in aloe vera moisturize the eyebrow hairs and make them darker and thicker. So mix olive oil in aloe vera gel and apply it on the eyebrows regularly before going to bed. Wash off with plain water in the morning.

onion juice

We use onion juice on hair for thick, strong hair. Also, applying it regularly on the eyebrows will give you thick, dark eyebrows. After coming from the office at night, wash your face and apply onion juice on your eyebrows before going to bed.


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