Do you behave like this with children…?

First Published Feb 14, 2023, 1:56 PM IST

Efforts should be made to resolve the issue immediately. Then you can avoid toxic parents.

Parents should be very careful in raising children. Once upon a time, no one cared much about parents… hitting and scolding their children. They used to think that this was done only to discipline the children. But… not so now… touching a child is considered a big crime. Beating children like that… means they are making parenting mistakes. Actually… What are the mistakes parents are doing with children…? Are you a good parent? Or toxic parents..? Now let’s find out..

1. Who is the real toxic parent..?
Parents who see children negatively in everything can be put in this category. That means…if your children feel that whatever they do is wrong…you are a toxic parent. Do not get angry, scold, beat them for every thing. Doing so makes you a toxic parent.

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What should be done to avoid being a toxic parent?

1. Parents are human too. Due to work pressure..or any other reason..we keep making mistakes. But… correcting those mistakes is very important. Efforts should be made to resolve the issue immediately. Then you can avoid toxic parents.

2.Many parents scold and beat their children in every matter….not to do that, not to do that, they keep threatening and doing things like that. Not only physical but verbal abuse also comes under toxic. It should be a habit to stop.

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3.Many parents… have self-centered behavior. Besides.. they don’t care about their children’s needs and children’s emotions. Such people also come under toxic parents.

4. Know that no one is perfect in this world. Because… every parent wants their children to be perfect in everything. That causes a problem. But…knowing that not everyone is perfect…you should get used to seeing children as children. Also… if you criticize them for not being perfect… you become a toxic parent.

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5.Many parents think that their children should blindly follow everything they say. If they don’t listen, they get angry with the children. Doing this also falls under toxic parenting. Not only what you say… you also have to give them a chance to learn something new.

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6. And some parents.. even if their children do something mischievous… even if they don’t listen… they say things like I don’t like you… I hate you. Because of that, the child’s mind is broken. These also fall under toxic parenting. That is why such things should not be said.

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7. Some parents control their children’s every choice. They think that they have to control everything, decisions, what they want. This also comes under toxic parenting. So… it’s best to stop doing that.


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