Do you know what is the real reason behind the scenes of “Natu Natu” Oscar.


First Published Mar 13, 2023, 9:34 AM IST

Telugu cinema has created history. Indian cinema has become history. In this year’s Oscar awards, it is a special thing that India got two Oscars, and it is another special thing that the Telugu movie “RRR” got an Oscar. A dream of almost 95 years has come true today. The song “Natu Natu” also won an Oscar in the original song category. Music director MM Keeravani and lyric writer Chandra Bose received this award.

Keeravani shared her happiness on this occasion. This is India’s victory. Tama Rajamouli, our family is a success. He said that he has been hearing about Oscar since he was a carpenter and now he has got Oscar. He shared his emotion in the form of song. Keeravani entertained everyone. It is remarkable that Chandra Bose said `Namaste’ in Telugu.

Meanwhile, if we see what is the main reason behind the Oscar for “Natu Natu”, it can be said that Prem Rakshit’s master iconic steps are the reason. It can be said that the hook step done by NTR and Ram Charan is popular all over the world. It is known that the song “Natu Natu” was choreographed by Prem Rakshit. This song combines friendship and Indian dance. This is a song that makes fun of Telugu song and dance. That is why it is a proof of Indian culture.

On the other hand, this hook step has become popular all over the world. Not only America, common people, celebrities, athletes and political leaders in other countries also do this dance. When those videos were shared on social media, they became very popular. They’ve made it all the way to the Oscars. The rest of the songs could not stand before that craze.

But Rajamouli’s strategy is also behind this. Because he designed the costume of the heroes in it to make America like them. The British were put as opposites. It can be said that all the things that came together for this song like shooting it in Ukraine which is known for Greenery. It is no exaggeration to say that director Rajamouli has a clear plan behind this. Along with this, Rajamouli promoted this film internationally from the beginning. Despite the criticism in India, they tried to promote this film internationally. They toured and promoted in countries like Japan.

On the other hand, they put some crores and promoted it to Oscar. Although the Indian Film Federation did not select this film for the Oscar, they went through private methods and got it nominated for the Oscar. He interacted with the media there for many days and explained the greatness of that song. Specially revealed about RRR. Moreover, care has been taken to have a discussion on “RRR” and “Natu Natu” in the media there to reach the Americans. It is known that NTR and Ram Charan also promoted it.

To top it all off.. Singers Rahul Sipliganj and Kalabhairava sang this song together and it was composed by music director Keeravani. This song can be attributed to the excellent writing of the lyricist Chandra Bose. The costumes and camera work of the heroes have made this song amazing. Now the beginning of history. It has made India proud and has made Indian cinema stand at a leading position internationally.

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