Do you know what to do to get girls to like you?

If you want to impress them without expressing your feelings in your mind, then when you are with girls, they will be impressed by you. And when it comes to how to behave in front of girls…

*If we praise girls for what they have done and praise them for what they have done, girls will melt very quickly and girls will like those who praise them.

*Girls love someone who encourages them and reassures them that they are who they are without criticizing those who have made any decisions about their lives.

*Girls generally prefer to go shopping outside to eat out. Girls will be very satisfied if they put some things that they like according to their taste, but it is better to buy them what they like.

*If we compare a girl with others in our house, the girls will not tolerate it. Even by mistake, one should not praise another girl in front of another girl. Girls should be treated very carefully in this regard.

*It is very important that everyone speaks very carefully while talking to girls, especially those who use vulgar language around teenage girls will not tolerate it because if they talk like this, they will be a victim of the girls’ anger. That is why it is very good to step up and talk about girls.


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