Do you know who is the woman behind the success of the Adani empire? Find out in the words of Gautam Adani.

Adani Foundation had only two employees when it was founded. But today it helps 32 lakh people annually across India. Preeti Adani had a big hand in its expansion.

Womens Day 2023 Do you know who is the woman behind the success of Adani empire Know in the words of Gautam Adani MKA

First Published Mar 7, 2023, 5:20 PM IST

People know very little about the personal life of Gautam Adani, who was the third richest man in the world till a few days ago. People don’t know as much about the Adani family as they do about the Ambani family. But now Adani’s news is in the headlines every day, so people are very interested in knowing his family details. And let’s know about his wife who led Adani back who became a successful business man in the world. Gautham Adani says that his wife Preeti Adani is the pillar of his life. Adani said in an interview that Preeti Adani even risked her career for her progress.

Gautam Adani talks about his marriage and says that he is very shy. Moreover, he said that his wife is a doctor and he is illiterate compared to her. According to a media report, the marriage of the two was arranged by their family heads. Coming to Preity Adani’s background, she was born and brought up in Mumbai. After that she came to Ahmedabad after her studies. She also stays in America with her family for some time.

Preeti Adani studied dental medicine at the Government Dental College and Hospital, Ahmedabad. But after marriage I had to give up my career. After her marriage in 1996, she was the chairperson of Gautam Adani’s NGO Adani Foundation. Preeti did not hesitate to give up her career for her husband’s growth. Tweeting a photo on her husband’s 60th birthday, she wrote, ‘It’s been 36 years.. leaving my career behind and starting a new journey with Gautham Adani. Looking back today, I have immense respect and pride for him. It is important to mention that. She said in an interview that she realized that if she was a dentist, she could serve only a few.

It has been said many times that in building such a large empire, Adani received good support from his wife. ‘Preethi balances my family and foundation work. I was truly amazed at her patience,” recalls Gautham. Preeti gives 7-8 hours daily. It is mentioned that the Foundation has developed a lot under the leadership of Preeti.

Last Updated Mar 7, 2023, 5:20 PM IST

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