Do you know your rights women?


First Published Feb 28, 2023, 4:01 PM IST

Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. The main purpose of celebrating this day dedicated to women is to make them aware of their rights. Today all over the world women are working equally with men. Women have entered in all fields. Like other countries, women in India have been given many rights. There are many laws for women. But no matter how much a woman reads and how much she is developed, she does not have much knowledge about law and rights. Many women are not fully aware of these rights. On this women’s day, women should know about their rights.

Women have all these rights…

Equal Pay: Women have all the rights to receive equal pay in the workplace as men do. According to the Indian Labor Act, there should be no discrimination on the basis of gender in wages for women employed in any place. In case of discrimination, a woman can also go to court.

Protection from domestic violence: The purpose of this right is to prevent violence against women. Accordingly, if any violence is committed against a woman in her home or in-laws’ home, she has full right to file a complaint or case against her. Most people don’t complain out of courtesy. But you can file a complaint with confidence even if the name of the complainant is kept confidential.

Maternity Right: A woman is entitled to leave for 26 weeks if she is pregnant. During this period no cut in salary of female employee should be made. Plus, they’re likely to work again.

Right to arrest at night : According to this law, no police officer can arrest women after sunset i.e. at night. Whatever law the woman broke, the police had to wait until morning.

Harassment at workplace: If women workers are sexually harassed at workplace, they can file a complaint. They can avenge the injustice done to them.

Right Against Female Feticide: India has a strict law against female foeticide. Complaints can be filed against both female fetus testing and murder. Criminals are severely punished.

Right to Free Legal Aid: Every Indian woman should know this. Free legal aid for sexually abused women. They are entitled to free legal aid under the Legal Services Authorities Act.

Right to dignity and decency: There is also a special law for accused women. Do not do things that disturb their dignity and respect. Presence of lady police is mandatory during any medical examination.

Equal Share in Inheritance: The Hindu Inheritance Act provides equal share in inheritance to men and women.

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