Do you remember this star heroine? She once acted with Chiranjeevi, NTR and Mahesh!

First Published Feb 14, 2023, 8:19 PM IST

Many changes take place in women’s bodies after marriage. A heroine who got married and retired has changed beyond recognition.


She is one of the heroines who have made a name for themselves over and over again. She hit a blockbuster with her debut movie and got a chance with top stars like NTR, Mahesh, Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna. If you look at her now, you will say she is Emena. Rakshitha is not that heroine.


Director Puri Jagannath introduced Rakshitha to the silver screen. Rakshitha became the heroine of the Kannada movie Appu. Appu movie was made in Telugu with Ravi Teja as the hero with the title Idiot. Puri took Rakshitha who acted in Appu as the heroine. Idiot became a blockbuster hit in Telugu.


After that Rakshitha was cast as the second heroine in Shivamani movie directed by Puri Jagannadh.


Also, Puri Jagannath gave Rakshitha a chance to play the main heroine in the big budget movie Andrawala with NTR. Rakshitha’s career will struggle already. The Andhrawala disaster had a negative impact on Rakshitha’s career.

Slowly her graph came down. With that, Rakshitha has been doing small and big films without leaving the opportunities that came her way. Rakshitha appeared as a less prominent heroine in the movie Allarivadu. In 2005, when Allarivadu movie Raaga, Rakshitha had already reached the fade out stage in Telugu.


Jagapathi released in 2005 starring Jagapathi Babu was Rakshitha’s last film in Telugu. After that she did consecutive Kannada films. Rakshitha married Kannada film director Prem at a time when her career was slowing down. They got married in 2007 and had a son.

Rakshitha prem Ek love ya

Rakshitha’s present photos, who once rocked the youth as a glamorous heroine, are shocking. A well-worn protective seal is made to be undetectable. Rakshitha, who used to be bubbly when she was a heroine, is completely out of shape after her marriage.


Rakshitha is also producing films as a producer. Rakshitha has already produced three Kannada films. Rakshitha did a small cameo role in the movie Ek Love Ya which was produced by her. He appeared on the silver screen after a long gap.


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