Don’t like Pathan? But show that baby Dil Wale! Shahrukh’s epic reaction!

Pathan continues to flourish worldwide. Trade sources reported that Pathan collected around Rs 727 crore for 12 days. After a gap of four years, Shah Rukh gave a blockbuster come back. A netizen named Abhishek posted a video of his baby on Twitter. In the video, ‘What movie did we watch?’ he asked. Papa replied ‘Pathan’. ‘Did you like the movie?’ When asked, the baby replied ‘no’.

This video went to Shahrukh’s attention. Shahrukh responded in his own style. “This kid doesn’t like Pathan movie. I still have to work harder. It is not a method to disappoint the young audience. This is a big challenge for the youth of the country. But show her the movie Dil Wale Dulhania Lejoyinge. At least romantic love films will be liked,” he tweeted. Shahrukh’s tweet attracted the attention of the netizens. His cute reaction to a child’s comment was impressive.

Pathan will be a rare film in Shahrukh’s career. Shah Rukh Khan, who has not had a hit for a decade, faced severe mental stress. In this order, he was away from the industry. They wanted to take a break and come back strongly. Kasiga Pathan made a movie. Directed by Siddharth Anand, Pathan will rewrite Indian box office records. Deepika Padukone played the heroine and John Abraham played the villain role. Pathan is also popular in Telugu.

Many controversies surround the film Pathan. Deepika’s wearing a saffron bikini in a song has been criticized by Hindu groups and BJP. Negative tags trended on social media against Pathan’s film. Pathan was released amid disturbances and was victorious. After the release, Shahrukh…commented that the film will not have caste and religion.


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