Drama for sympathy: Kishan Reddy’s counter to KTR, Kavita

Hyderabad: Union Minister Kishan Reddy has criticized Kalvakuntla’s poem drama for sympathy. The Union Minister spoke to the media in New Delhi on Thursday. Today, the Union Minister countered Telangana Minister KTR and Kavitha’s criticism of the BJP. It is known that BRS leaders have criticized the BJP over the ED notices to Kavitha.

Union Minister Kishan Reddy questioned why they are afraid if they are righteous and do not deal in illegal liquor. Kishan Reddy asked why they destroyed cell phones worth lakhs of rupees. Addressing the poem, Kishan Reddy commented that you are not the elders who should be targeted. Kishan Reddy says that you are stuck in the Meerochchi Liquor scam.

He said that Kavita was reminded of the issue of women’s reservation when she received ED notices in the Delhi liquor scam. Otherwise, he asked what is the need of BRS leaders for the issue of women’s reservation. He said that there is no one more than Kalvakuntla family in telling lies. Union Minister Kishan Reddy lashed out at the BRS leaders for spreading false propaganda against the BJP for filing illegal cases.

Kishan Reddy asked Kavitha whether people of Telangana told you to go to Delhi and do liquor business. Union Minister Kishan Reddy said that people of Telangana are ashamed of the work done by Kavitha. Union Minister Kishan Reddy said that people are suffering because Telangana’s honor has been lost due to Kavita’s style. Kishan Reddy said that today Telangana Minister KTR and his sister Kavitha organized media conferences and told lies.

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Kishan Reddy reminded that there was not a single woman minister in KCR’s cabinet in the first five years. He questioned whether such a party has the right to talk about women’s reservation. Kishan Reddy said that Kalvakuntla’s family raised the agitation on women’s reservation to divert people’s attention because they were accused in the liquor case. Kishan Reddy asked if they would talk. He said that the central government does not know what the investigation agencies are doing every day. He said that the investigating agencies are doing their work.


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