Dussehra censor complete… What did Nani give to the movie!

Natural star Nani will greet the audience with a Dussehra movie. Dussehra film is going to release on March 30. Pan India film is being released in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages. Dussehra trailer is impressive. It is understood that a new angle in Nani is unveiled in the Dussehra movie. Nani is universal in the role of mass deglamour. As the release time approached, the censor programs were completed. Censor members have issued U/A certificate for Dussehra film.

There is a lot of violence in the Dussehra film. Also, there is information that bootu words are used in the dialogues. In this order, Dussehra film was given U/A certificate. It is heard that the censors suggested the makers to mute some words. Otherwise it will be certified as adult content. According to the report of the censors, the film is doing well.

Hero Nani has high hopes for the success of the Dussehra film. He was definitely in a position to hit. The reason is that his track is not very good. In recent times, only Shyam Singarai movie starring Nani has received hit status. Last year’s Ise Sundarani was also a disaster. It was a film that damaged Nani’s market. Even after getting positive talk, it could not collect the minimum amount.

Dussehra film is directed by Srikanth Odela. Keerthy Suresh is playing the heroine. The music provided by Santhosh Narayan is impressive. It is a dark emotional drama. Things like love, politics, social differences seem to be mainly discussed.


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