Electricity consumption at all time record in Telangana.. Huge demand before the start of summer..

Electricity consumption in Telangana has increased tremendously. Electricity demand is at an all-time record before summer.

Peak power consumption hits new record in Telangana

First Published Feb 11, 2023, 11:27 AM IST

Electricity consumption in Telangana has increased tremendously. It is known that the maximum electricity demand of 14,169 MW was recorded on Friday. But beyond that, there was demand for electricity on Saturday morning. Officials said that 14,350 megawatts of electricity demand was created at 10 am today. But on the same day last year, electricity consumption was 11,420 megawatts. Also, on March 29 last year, Telangana recorded the highest electricity consumption of 14,166 megawatts. Now it is overtaken by the demand for electricity. If the electricity consumption is at this level before the summer, the authorities estimate that the demand for electricity is likely to increase further if the sun rises.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Jagdish Reddy spoke in the assembly on Friday about the consumption of electricity in Telangana. It was announced that the maximum electricity demand of 14,169 megawatts was recorded on Friday, creating a new record. He said that there is a chance of increasing the demand up to another thousand megawatts. However, they said that they will provide electricity without interruption.

“For the past few days, there have been minor interruptions in uninterrupted power supply due to maintenance and repairs. But from today it has been restored to all sectors,” said Jagadish Reddy. He said that if the national average is 1,255 units, the per capita electricity consumption in Telangana is 2,166 units. He explained that due to the measures taken by the state government, the installed power generation capacity has been increased from 7,778 MW in 2014 to 18,460 MW by 2022.

The minister lashed out at the Center for creating unnecessary hurdles along with restrictions on loans taken by the state government to improve power supply in the state.

Last Updated Feb 11, 2023, 11:35 AM IST

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