Ennenno Janmala Bandham: Yash cringing in agony.. Abhi who lied to Vinny about Yash?

In today’s episode, when the doctor is treating Veda, Yash gets tensed and looks at Veda in pain. Yash gets sad seeing Vedani on the bed in that situation. He sheds tears seeing Vedani. Meanwhile, Vasant, Varma, Ratnam and Sulochana come there. Alludu Garu asks how Veda is doing and the treatment is done inside. He says alas Veda as he is not told what the situation is, while Varma comforts Sulochana. Then Ratnam asks Yash why his eyes suddenly fall back, then Yash hesitates to say and remembers the sayings of Veda and gets sad.

On the other hand Chitra is working in the office and Chitra is shocked when she calls about Veda. After that, while the nurse is going to be tense, I don’t know how Veda is doing, Yash yells at the sister in anger. He gets serious on them saying what is irresponsibility in the hospital. Then Vasant asks you to be silent, Yash means you were silent inside and calls Vedani to go inside and it will be 1 hour. Vinnie says that the doctor came and said that you are pushing and arguing, you can call your wife and go away.

Then he stares at Winnie. Doctor says this is because he is not talking as you said, his behavior is not good, leave it, we have started treatment now, we will know in a little while. Then Yash gets angry at the doctor’s words. On the other hand, Chitra waits for autos. Meanwhile Abhimanyu comes there and stops the car. Abhi asks what happened, as I am waiting for a cab, my Vedha sister is not well and she has been admitted in the hospital.

Abhi says yes, I will drop you near the hospital, I will come soon. Then Chitra says I won’t come, you go, Abhi says no Chitra. Then Chitra goes and sits in the car as Malvika also comes and tells her to sit. On the other hand, Sulochana is crying in the hospital while Varma is consoling her. Then Yash looks at Veda and cries because it hurts me to see you like this. I was angry with you when I said these words to you in anger. Veda is sad that I am the reason why this happened to you.

Curse me for a speedy recovery, I am waiting there for you, he says sadly. Yash is sad saying please Veda. On the other hand, Abhi comes there while Vinnie is making phone calls regarding the office. Then Vasanth is shocked to see Chitra Abhimanyu coming from the car. Then seeing Vinnie, why are you here, Vinnie says that my friend Veda’s eyes fell back, that’s why I am here. Then Abhi explains to Vinnie about Yash, Yash, Malavika and Veda’s relationship. Abhi keeps saying bad things about Yash saying that one such shot makes a man’s temper worse.

Abhimanyu keeps saying that it is difficult to do Kapuram with him. Then Vinnie is surprised as he believes that Abhi’s words are true. Then Abhi spoils Vinny’s mind by saying very bad things about Veda’s relationship. Then Abhi says what he has to say and leaves Vinny’s mind. Vinnie thinks that something is wrong, something is wrong between them, how did they get married when there was no real love. On the other side, Yash is crying seeing Vedani. Meanwhile Chitra comes there and Sulochana cries and talks.

Then Varma comforts Sulochana. Then they suffer. Then Chitra and Yash go to brother-in-law and say take courage, I don’t have courage, Chitra is in ICU inside. Chitra says then you have to be in control or else grandma will get scared.


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