Ennenno Janmala Bandham: Yash who shed tears seeing the pain.

In today’s episode, Yash looks at Veda and tears up remembering the moments he spent with Veda in the past. On the other side, while Sulochana is crying, Khushi comes there as grandmother. Grandmother says what happened to Amma, then Vinnie tells Khushi about this, Aunty means no, Babu. Sometimes it’s better to tell the children the truth, says Winnie. Vinnie says that if you say it the way you say it, you will understand it. Then Vinnie takes Khushi close and says Khushi your mother told me that you are brave and you will understand anything, Khushi says yes uncle.

Well then I will tell you one thing now you have to be brave Uncle says okay with rice. Vinnie tells Khushi that Veda’s mother has fever and is in the hospital. Khushi says if so uncle call me to hospital once and mom will get up for me if she knows that I have come. I will take her but mom needs rest right now so stay here and I will call you later, Khushi says ok. Then she goes to Sulochana and says grandma why did you come here instead of staying with mom, I came for a file, but Khushi says she knows where mom has put it, Khushi brings the file and gives it to Sulochana.

Then Sulochana takes that file and goes. On the other hand, Yash misunderstands Vinnie and thinks that if he knows two things about Vedas, he will become great. Then when Vinnie comes there, he asks if he doesn’t know what the emergency is so late. Then Vinnie leaves without caring that your frustration will be a problem for others. After that, Yash and Vinnie went to the doctor and the doctor said that she should not be fasting and the same problem that she had as a child has come back. Now Vinnie Yash will be shocked. After that Abhimanyu calls Chitra.

Veda says why did you call me, I called Veda to know how is my sister, why you. Abhi says I should ask for leave, if not for one day, then take one week. Chitra angrily hangs up the phone saying that it is necessary to save my personal number but I don’t need to call you as it says call me. Then Yash goes to Veda. Then he remembers the words he spoke to Veda in the past and sheds tears. Then Veda says how long do you sleep like this, are you bored or do you know how I feel, an hour has passed, you haven’t woken up yet, you are not sleeping early, Veda says.

How many times we used to fight at home till now, both of us are fighting again and again. Every husband and wife are like this or we are the only ones who are saying sadly. You understood me well, you read me when I did not understand myself. Veda nods his head saying, ‘May I touch you once.’ Later Yash leaves from there. Sulochana on the other hand keeps crying and crying that everything is because of me. Both Varma and Chitra are consoling you that if you suffer like this, your health will be affected. If it is my child, I know its condition, if it fasts, what will I confess, Sulochana will shed tears.

Meanwhile, Yash comes there. All of you go home uncle you also go home and Babu thinks to my daughter how can I go home if this is the case. Then Vinnie calls everyone “let’s go padandi aunty” and leaves from there. After that both Chitra and Vasanth go to a place and Vasanth cries on Chitra. Then Chitra immediately touches Vasanthi and I will not do anything that my Vasanth does not like. Nothing is more important to me than Vasant. Vasanth gets happy saying I will quit my job in Abhimanyu’s office tomorrow morning and says don’t do anything you don’t like Chitra but be careful.

After that, Chitra and Vasanth bring food and feed them gorumuddas, meanwhile Yash comes there and sees them both and breaks down in tears. Then Vasanth is also feeding Chitra with gorumals and Yash is more saddened to see it. Then Vasanth and Chitra look at Yash and get sad.


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