Erection problem for husband… This is what wives should do..!

When men face these problems almost most of them suffer from depression. So…experts suggest that it is important to stand by them at that time.

How to help your partner who is facing erectile dysfunction

First Published Feb 21, 2023, 12:40 PM IST

Many people are suffering from erectile dysfunction these days. This problem debilitates men to a great extent. At such a time… experts suggest that men should stand by their wives. Because… when men face these problems almost most of them get depressed. So…experts suggest that it is important to stand by them at that time. But… let’s see how to stand up…

1. Be supportive

Let your partner know that you are there for them and that you care about them. Erectile dysfunction is a source of shame and embarrassment for many men, so you need to be gentle with the subject. It is important to approach them with understanding. Instead of hurting them with blunt words… treat them with understanding.

2. Encourage them to seek professional help

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to many reasons including physical and psychological problems. Encourage your partner to talk to a doctor or therapist who can help them identify the cause of the problem and suggest appropriate treatment options.

3 Efforts should be made to increase intimacy between the two…
Remember that physical intimacy is not just about sex. You can have a very satisfying, intimate relationship with your partner even if he is experiencing erectile dysfunction. Focus on other ways to be physically close, such as hugging, kissing, and holding hands.

4. Be patient

Erectile dysfunction may take time to overcome. This may involve trying different treatments or procedures. It is important to be patient and supportive throughout the process.

5. Try different sexual activities:
Experiment with different sexual activities that don’t require an erection, such as oral sex or mutual masturbation. This will help reduce the stress on your partner. Both of you can create new ways to experience pleasure.

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