Eternal bride..Marriage-argument-going to home..Remarriage..Same repeat…with victim’s complaint…

Sirisilla: Targeting men who are waiting for a second marriage at an advanced age, Vainam, who is marrying a woman’s marriage, has come to light in Vemulawada of Sirisilla district. The police have arrested another person who is helping her along with the daughter of this eternal marriage. They were arrested and taken to the station. It was one of her husbands who had been cheated by her who exposed their deceptions. The husband, who had been looking for his wife who said he would go to the birth house, did not return.He was heartbroken to know that his wife had married many people before him and later..He filed a complaint with the police and this fraud came to light. If we go into the details of this incident..

The wife of a man named Laxman of Sirikonda mandal Tatipalli of Nizamabad district died 20 years ago. He wanted to marry a second time. On inquiring about this, it was learned that Sivakumar from Karnataka is a man who has changed hands in second marriages. He immediately contacted him..he too promised to fulfill Lakshman’s wish. If not, he asked him to pay a fee of three lakh rupees. After giving three lakhs to Shivakumar, Laxman got married eight months ago with the woman he had decided.

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A few days after the marriage, the woman left saying that she would go to the birth house. Didn’t come back. Shivakumar remarried another person in Jagityala district to the same woman. The same scene was repeated there. After three months of marriage, the woman who ran away saying that she would return to her mother’s house got married to someone else. Recently, Sivakumar came to Vemulawada to marry a young woman from Mahabubnagar district to a young man from Boinapally mandal.

The wedding was supposed to take place on February 27.. In this order, Sang Laxman came to know that Shivakumar’s marriage had been arranged. Laxman, his relatives and family members who reached the mandapa caught Shivakumar and put him down. He was handed over to the police. The police registered a case based on Laxman’s complaint and started an investigation. The investigation brought to light the frauds committed by Shivakumar and the woman.

It has been found that both of them are extorting lakhs of rupees by targeting those who want to get married for the second time. According to their plan..choose the person he wants to marry secondly..give him that woman and marry him..Shivakumar leaves. After that, for a short time, the woman quarrels with her husband and leaves. There is no going back after that. She is nowhere to be found. Like this… it has come to light that many people have been cheated.


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