Even ICC is afraid of Team India! But we are not… – Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi

The Asia Cup 2023 venue has been under discussion for almost 8 months. The Asia Cup 2023 tournament is scheduled to be held in Pakistan as per the schedule. But relations between India and Pakistan have not been good for years. BCCI Secretary Jai Shah has commented that there is no step in Pakistan and Asia Cup 2023 tournament will be held at a neutral venue.

These comments made before the India vs Pakistan match in the Asia Cup 2022 tournament… made the PCB inflame. Had this decision been taken and announced in the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting, it would have been different. But Jai Shah, who is the BCCI secretary and the ACC president… it is controversial to announce that the Asia Cup 2023 tournament will be held at a neutral venue regardless of the opinion of the Pakistan Cricket Board…

‘If one cannot stand on one’s own two feet, one must nod to what others say. We didn’t get that karma. PCB and India are not in a position to depend on benevolence. We are not their slaves to tremble when India’s eyes open…

It is not enough to think that they are strong. It also has to be proved. Pakistan won the hosting rights. We have to decide where to organize it. India vs Pakistan match in Asia Cup? I don’t know whether Pakistan will boycott the ODI World Cup tournament in India.

But we have taken a decision. We are determined to be fully committed to it. In such cases, it would be good if the ICC intervened. But ICC has not done anything to make BCCI not… But we are not like that…’ commented former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi.

The Asian Cricket Council meeting will be held again next month. In this meeting, clarity will come about the venue of Asia Cup 2023 tournament. If it is decided that it should be held in Pakistan, Team India will be away from the Asia Cup 2023 tournament. And if the Indian team does not go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup, will the Pakistan team come to India for the ODI World Cup 2023 tournament? It has to be seen..

The Asia Cup 2023 tournament is scheduled to be held in ODI format in September. If it is not held in Pakistan, it is being spread that there are high chances of negotiation by PCB demanding some amount as compensation for moving it to a neutral venue. It is also being heard that the PCB is insisting that it should be put in Pakistan for compensation. Soon the truth will be revealed.


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