Even if they are bad.. Sobhanam video for likes together on social media.. What are the netizens saying…

A newly wedded couple posted their adorable video on Instagram. This video has gone viral. Netizens are angry about this.

newly married couple first night video uploaded to social media for likes, goes viral - bsb

First Published Feb 13, 2023, 8:37 AM IST

After the widespread spread of social media.. likes, shares and comments have become life. Some people are ready to make any kind of videos for this. Accordingly, it is not known when a video will go viral.. and who will become a celebrity. No matter what’s in it for the viewers to go viral, many videos without content are getting into the viral list. What can be said is that netizens are going crazy over a video posted by a couple on Insta.

Why should they stoop so low for likes? Secretly between four walls.. which should give happiness only to the husband and wife.. the matter is uploaded on social media for a few likes. The thing is… a couple posted a video of their first night on social media. In this, both the husband and wife are seen in the beauty of the bride and groom’s room.

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In front of the camera, they were excited with kisses.. and romanced with laughter. After that, the bridegroom helped the bride by removing her ornaments and decorations. Finally the video ends with her getting undressed. She also wrote a comment on the video saying, ‘See how my husband Sobhanam helped me when he was asleep.’

Netizens are very angry about this. In the end, won’t you give up on this too? Are you crazy? Some people are angry that if you keep going like this, you will share porn videos too. They put this video as ‘Ma Shobhanam spent the night like a meme.

They are getting serious as if they have brought what should happen between the four walls. Today’s youth do not know what to post on social media and what not to post. However, if they do all this for likes, they have achieved it. But besides that, these blessings are a bonus.

Last Updated Feb 13, 2023, 8:37 AM IST

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