Every Neel Mohan, YouTube’s new CEO has this connection with India.

Indian origin man Neil Mohan has been appointed as the CEO of popular video streaming giant YouTube. Already, the appointment of Neel Mohan as CEO of YouTube has become a source of pride for Indians in the context of Google and Microsoft CEOs being led by people of Indian origin.

Who is Neel Mohan, YouTubes new CEO this is the connection with India MKA

First Published Feb 17, 2023, 4:54 PM IST

Who is Neal Mohan: Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Parag Aggarwal, Indra Nooyi, Shantanu Narayan Indian origin people are already working as CEOs of many multinational IT companies in other high positions. Now in the same category, YouTube, a popular video streaming app platform, has appointed Neil Mohan, a man of Indian origin, as its CEO. Once again, the power of Indians has become visible to the world. In this background, netizens are searching on the internet about Neil Mohan’s background. Now let’s know complete details about Indian origin Neil Mohan.

The potential of Indians in the field of IT is expanding all over the world. Indian engineers are leading the biggest tech companies. Microsoft, Google, IBM have chief executives of Indian origin. Now the name of YouTube has also joined this category. Neil Mohan will take charge as the new CEO of YouTube. Old CEO Susan Wojcicki resigned from her position after a 9-year journey.

What is YouTube’s new CEO Neil Mohan’s background?

Neil Mohan has been working with YouTube for the past few years. He served as Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President of YouTube. Now the CEO of YouTube is ready to take over.

Neil Mohan studied electrical engineering at Stanford University. He completed his MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 2005. He previously founded DoubleClick Inc. Later he merged his company with Google. Google has bought the DoubleClick company founded by Neil Mohan for $3.1 billion. But Neil Mohan also worked in Microsoft for some time in the past. During his short tenure at Microsoft, he served as Manager, Corporate Strategist from June 2004 to September 2004.

According to Neil Mohan’s LinkedIn profile, he is one of the Board of Directors of Stitch Fix , 23 and Me. Neil Mohan joined Google in 2008. From March 2008 to November 2015, Mohan worked on video advertising at Google. In 2015, Neil Mohan was appointed YouTube’s Chief Product Officer. Mohan has led several large projects at YouTube. Neil Mohan and his team were instrumental in launching YouTube TV, YouTube Music, YouTube Premium, Shorts.

Last Updated Feb 17, 2023, 4:54 PM IST

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