Everything is a dole.. The last year is stubborn, children are again rice for worms: Bandi Sanjay criticizes the budget

Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay said that the budget is meant to deceive the Dalit community. He lamented that the budget was empty promises. Bandi Sanjay criticized that this time too BC students are going to be treated like worms.

telangana bjp chief bandi sanjay comments on state budget

First Published Feb 6, 2023, 9:25 PM IST

State BJP president Bandi Sanjay criticized the budget presented by the Telangana government in the assembly. They complained that this is reminiscent of an election stunt.. Everything is a dollar budget. Bandi Sanjay alleged that the budget was designed to completely ignore all the communities including SC, ST, BC and EBC. In the election manifesto, Sanjay Eddeva said that the KCR government has shown stubbornness in the last year even on the promises made by the KCR government on several occasions. He made serious comments that the budget is meant to cheat the Dalit community and this time too BC students are going to be fed up with worms.

If we look at the allocations for education and medical sectors, it is said that there are budgetary allocations to put more burden on the middle class people. Bandi Sanjay criticized that the allocations are there to push the DISCs further into crisis. He flagged that the Telangana government, which introduced the budget with Rs.2,90,396 crores, has shown Rs.1.31 lakh crores as revenue and has not said where the remaining Rs.1.60 crores will be collected from. Bandi Sanjay reminded that the central government is paying more than Rs.62 thousand crores in the form of grants and taxes. He lamented that the budget was empty promises.

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Former Finance Minister and BJP MLA Etala Rajender reacted strongly to the speech given by Minister Harish Rao earlier. It is not the introduction of a budget of two lakh ninety crores. MLA Etala said that the KCR government is in a situation where it is not able to pay salaries properly… Finance Minister Harish Rao should say that this is great. Etala suggested that the BRS government, which claims to have reformed the education system in Telangana, should talk about girls studying in government schools crossing the road in the heart of Hyderabad for bathrooms. He said that the situation can be understood if the students are worried about basic facilities in Basara Triple IT, the mother of education. Etala Rajender said that if the education system in Telangana was so advanced, Harish had made great announcements in the assembly that he would change it.

Last Updated Feb 6, 2023, 9:25 PM IST

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