‘Faith leads forward’.. Samantha in spiritual thought.. Interesting post!

Star heroine Samantha is currently busy with her projects. On the other hand, he is also taking care of his health. Allocating sufficient time for this, they are also walking on the spiritual path.

faith makes you super human Actress Samantha says in her interesting post

First Published Mar 12, 2023, 11:02 AM IST

Star heroine Samantha is currently focusing on her career. After the divorce with Chaitu, Sam has been devoting more time to films. But it is known that Samantha has been suffering from myositis for a few days. After better treatment, Costa recovered. It seems that the treatment was taken at home till now. Sam is recovering little by little and is focusing on his projects. Doing heavy workouts and posting pushing posts is surprising.

On the other hand, it is going in spiritual thought for mental peace. It is known that he visited famous temples in India in the past. It is known that recently when his health improved, he paid prayers at a shrine in Tamil Nadu. Samantha seems to follow the spiritual path for peace of mind. Recently, she was seen worshiping the idol of Goddess in the pooja room of her house. She shared a photo related to this with her fans.

The latest post is interesting. In the pooja room, she was seen sitting in padmasanam in front of the statue of the goddess and doing divine remembrance. Sam has also written an interesting note while sharing this photo. In the note.. ‘Sometimes, it cannot be taken with superhuman strength. Faith will carry you forward. Faith keeps you calm. Faith becomes your teacher and your friend. Faith makes you superhuman.’ That said.

Currently, this post by Sam is doing the rounds. Fans are replying to Samantha’s post and making Nettinta go viral. As far as career is concerned, Samantha is now busy acting in huge projects. Currently, the Indian version of the crazy web series ‘Citadel’ is being shot. Soon she is going to participate in the shooting of ‘Khushi’ next schedule opposite Vijay Devarakonda. Currently Sam’s ‘Sakunthalam’ is ready for release. It will hit the screens in summer.

Last Updated Mar 12, 2023, 11:02 AM IST

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