Falana Boy Falana Girl Public Talk : Perfect family movie

After a series of failures, young hero Nagashaurya got a decent hit with the movie “Krishna Vrinda Vihari” last year. Moreover, he got married recently. After marriage, the movie coming from him is “Falana Bayi Falana Tari” (Fafa). After hits like “Uhalu Gusugusalade” and “Jyo Achuthananda”, the film is a combination of Nagashaurya and director Srinivas. This film, starring Malavika Nair as the heroine, started five years ago. Delayed due to Corona. But the director said that the story will also be spread in seven chapters. They said Corona has caught up with them. People’s Media Factory has produced this film in association with Dasari Productions. Producers are TG Vishwa Prasad and Padmaja Dasari. This movie, co-produced by Vivek Kuchibhotla, was released today, Friday (March 17). And let’s know how the movie is in this public talk.


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