Famous narrator Bhamidipati Jagannatha Rao is no more..


First Published Feb 7, 2023, 8:53 AM IST

Famous storyteller and story lover Bhamidipati Jagannatha Rao passed away in Hyderabad on Monday. Bhamidipati Jagannath Rao’s hometown is Krishna district. A noted playwright, born on December 1, 1934, at Gudivada, Krishna District. MA in Public Administration Degree from Nagpur University.

Bhamidipati Jagannath Rao was an inspiration to many as a good storyteller and an influential writer. He has a penchant for storytelling. By profession, he worked as a Joint Director in the Andhra Pradesh State Information and Civil Relations Department and as a Press Secretary to the Governor of AP and retired.

Bhamidipati Jagannath Raogaru is a unique storyteller among Telugu writers. From the very beginning he used to read stories, share good stories with everyone and identify great storytellers. Thus it is said that Tripura was the first among the writers who he introduced and discovered in the world of literature. Chalam, Palagummi Padmaraju and Buchi Babu are his favorite writers.

Bhamidipati Jagannath Rao wrote some stories. These were published in magazines like Andhra Patrika, Andhra Jyoti, Mabhoomi, Jyoti, Jayashree, Indukham, Telugu Swatantra, Vartha, Rachna, Navya, Chinuku, India Today. Bhamidipati Jagannatha Raogaru has published three volumes of stories.

His books are available as story volumes called Bhamidipati Jagannath Rao Katha, Mutamamam, Muvvalu and Footjadalu. He co-edited the book Tripura O Memmon with Attaluri Narasimha Rao and KK Ramaiah.

And some of his stories are Anutapam Anuragam, Footsteps, Aparanji Panjaram, Chitranaliniyam, Ghosh, Chedunism, Jeevanaragam, Jajipulu, Life Values, Mantlo Zabilli.. and more stories are available in Katha Nilayam.

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