Fatal road accident in Maharashtra.. Four of the same family died.. Two were injured


First Published Mar 5, 2023, 1:34 PM IST

A fatal road accident took place in Maharashtra’s Latur in the early hours of Saturday morning. A motorbike was hit by a tempo. Four members of the same family died in this incident. Two others were seriously injured. Two children were among the dead. ‘Times Now’ reported that the injured are currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The details of this incident are as follows. Six people are sitting on a bike and traveling on the wrong route. This bike is going towards Columbus. At the same time, on the opposite side, a temp is coming fast. But on the opposite side, the tempo did not notice the bike coming on the wrong route and hit it. Four died on the spot in this accident. Two were injured. It is sad that two children were among the deceased.

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A team from Gategaon police station reached the spot as soon as the information about the accident was received. Sub-Inspector Nandkishore Kamble said that the bodies were shifted to Latur Government Hospital.

Meanwhile, a few hours before this incident, a similar accident took place near Omarga Pati in Shirur Tajband-Mukhed in Ahmedpur Tehsil. A local police officer told news agency ‘PTI’ that two other motorbike riders were also killed in the accident. It is said that the motorbike collided with a pickup tempo carrying sheep around 3 pm on Saturday. Due to this, the tempo also got overturned.

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One person who died in that incident was identified as Hamid Chandulal Syed (45) of Mukhed, Nanded district and Anand Govinda Rao Kadam of Ahmedpur, Latur. However, the officials said that nine sheep died as the tempo overturned.

A similar accident also happened in Rajasthan less than three days ago. Four people died after a van collided with a truck in Tonk district. Three of them are from the same family. Three others were injured in the same accident. The Rajasthan incident took place at the Devdawas crossing on the national highway. Devotees from Deoli performed pooja at the Khatu Shyam temple and started their journey back home in the van.

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But when the van reached the Devdawas crossing, it collided with a truck. Four people died on the spot in this incident. Three others were injured. The police immediately reached the spot after receiving information about the accident. The bodies were shifted to the nearby hospital mortuary. The injured were taken to the district hospital for treatment. Police have identified the deceased as Manish Sharma, his wife Ishu, brother Amit and van driver Ravi.

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