Finally posting to PV Sunil Kumar.. Appointment as Fire Services, Jagan Sarkar orders

The government has appointed PV Sunil Kumar as the DG of AP Fire Services. The Andhra Pradesh government has issued an order to this effect on Thursday. He will take charge as DG Fire Services tomorrow. Earlier, the government sent Sunil Kumar to GAD.

Meanwhile, after the YCP government came to power, the post of CID chief was given to PV Sunil Kumar. This led to criticism that he acted as a heroic loyalist to CM Jagan. The opposition has made many criticisms and complaints. In this context, the Union Home Department expressed its anger and the Jagan government took action against Sunil Kumar under the mandatory circumstances. He was given the status of Additional DG and ordered to report in GAD. But the posting was not given. The Jagan government has recently assigned the responsibility of fire department head to Sunil Kumar.


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