For a burger Rs. Paid 66 thousand.. Mind blank when Tira goes home.. Waiting for refund

New Delhi: Burger is the favorite choice of many people. Available in any budget, with a variety of flavors that make you want to eat wherever you look. Besides, it is served as a mini meal or an evening snack. 35-year-old Tabby Wilson from the UK also ate a burger without a second thought when he saw a food truck on his way home after 11pm. He paid the bill and went home. Later, while looking at his bank account status, he realized that he had paid Burger much more than he should have. He never imagined that the burger would be the most expensive meal in his life, rather than a light meal.

Tabby Wilson from Manchester, England enjoyed a night out with friends one night. Went to York and had a night out with friends. Later, he paid 666.50 pounds (about Rs. 66,000) on his way back home. At 11pm, Eaf bought a burger at the Kebab Kitchen food truck and paid this amount.

He realized this mistake only after a few days. One day he checked his account balance and found that a large amount was missing. ‘I don’t really drink alcohol. Well.. it’s different if you’re on drugs, hanging out, buying kebabs and doing everything wrong. But that’s not my case,’ said Tabi.

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He instructed his friends to immediately go to the food truck and tell them that they have paid the higher amount. Ahmed Abdullah, the HR manager of the food truck company suggested Tabi to talk to his bank. Even after a month, the manager could not coordinate with Tabi. Still the money has not been refunded.

Tabi said that the bank told them in detail that they are a big company and they have to follow a lot of rules, but they don’t agree. Yes.. He explained that the bankers are saying that it is enough for Ahmed Abdullah to say that Tabi accidentally paid more amount. But, Abdullah said that he is not doing that. It sounded so funny. But, Tabby said, it became a frustrating affair as the days passed.


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