Funny question from young man to Lokesh

Nara Lokesh, National General Secretary of TDP, who was going to the public on a padayatra in the name of Yuvagalam, got a strange question from a young man. What happened to Venkateswara Swamy’s pink diamond? The young man questioned Lokesh.

Youngster asked Nara Lokesh about Pink Diamond

First Published Feb 27, 2023, 5:34 PM IST

Tirupati: Telugu Desam Party national general secretary and former minister Nara Lokesh has shouldered the responsibility of bringing TDP back to power. It is known that Lokesh, who is ready to organize a padayatra across the state in the name of ‘Yuvagalam’, has started from Kuppam. Lokesh Padayatra continues to connect with the people of the state, especially the youth. In this order, Lokesh, who was conducting special chit chat programs with young women, was faced with a strange question in Tirupati. Recalling YCP’s allegations that Chandrababu and Lokesh had struck the pink diamond of Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy when TDP was in power in the past… Lokesh answered a question of a young man that the pink diamond was a lollenti in his own style.

“What is Pink Diamond Lolli? Do you have it? If so, when will you tell me?” A young man jokingly asked Lokesh that he wants to be my girlfriend. Lokesh also answered with a bit of fun and a bit of bitterness.

“I don’t understand what this pink diamond lolli is… I’m looking for it. YCP leaders especially MP Vijayasai Reddy of that party said that we have struck a pink diamond. Lokesh and Chandrababu have been in power for the past four years who have struck a pink diamond… what have they been up to all this time? You, who are in power, have CBCID, why didn’t you conduct an investigation? It is very easy to make allegations…it is difficult to prove them,” said Lokesh.

“Whoever comes to Lord Venkateswara is Govinda… Govinda. I saw what happened to those who came to Swami in the past. Lokesh made these comments indirectly about the death of former CM Rajasekhar Reddy by saying, “You know what happened to all the hills, not just these hills.”

“I have worked sincerely as a minister… I have not done anything wrong, so I am bravely walking the streets of Tirupati. But those who have accused me and won are coming out in fear. They are afraid of who will put tomatoes and eggs,” said Lokesh.

Finally, Lokesh responded to the allegations of theft of Swami’s pink diamond. Lokesh suggested to the young man who asked the question that it would be good to ask Vijayasai Reddy, who accused him of stealing this pink diamond… Let’s see what he will answer.

Last Updated Feb 27, 2023, 5:34 PM IST

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