Gang rape of a girl for two days.. 4 arrested including a boy..

Chennai: A girl was gang-raped in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Chennai police have arrested four people including a boy who raped the girl in this incident. Regarding this incident, the police have given the following details.. A 17-year-old girl is studying Plus One. Devakottai is the nearest village in Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu. The girl’s mother is missing. Father is taking care of her welfare. The girl went missing two days ago.

After searching all over for the girl, the father finally approached the police. He complained at the police station that his daughter was missing. Even after that he did not stop. It was in this sequence that the girl was seen near Deva Kotte bus stand in a very poor condition. Her overalls were not properly dressed. Very protested. He was seen in a state of heartbreak. Seeing that, the father’s heart melted. When the daughter was brought and asked for details, some of them said that she had been raped.

Husband and mother died without food.. Dead bodies in the house for a week.. Heartbreaking incident in Tamil Nadu

The father immediately took the daughter to the police station and filed a complaint as per her statement. According to the complaint given by the victims, the police registered a case and started investigation. First, Pawan arrested a man named Karthik from Kottai. After that, when he was interrogated, he revealed the names of some others. To this extent, the police detained three persons named Vijay, Mohammad and Sharif and another boy from the same area. The facts that came to light during their investigation were shocking. There are The police investigation revealed that the girl was kept naked for two days without even being given rice.. and that she was brutally raped.


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