Ganja gang rampage in Hyderabad.. Stripped the boy and tortured him with a belt..

A boy sitting in a grocery store was forcibly abducted by the Ganjai gang. Stripped her clothes and tortured her by beating her.

minor boy was attacked by marijuana gang in rangareddy - bsb

First Published Mar 2, 2023, 2:11 PM IST

Hyderabad: The ganjai gang has once again created havoc in Hyderabad. Rangareddy District Mylar Devulapalli molested a minor boy indiscriminately. A boy was forcibly abducted under the influence of ganja and subjected to torture. The boy, who was sitting in a grocery store, was taken by force to the nearby hills by the Ganjai gang. They asked the boy to give them money to buy ganja… they stripped the boy and beat him severely with a belt and sticks and subjected him to torture.

The boy managed to escape from their clutches and eventually reached home. He explained what had happened to the family members. Seeing the injuries on the boy’s head, the family members immediately took him to the hospital and treated him. After that, Mylar filed a complaint at Devulapalli police station about what the boy said. They accused Mohammed Saif, Abbu, Sameer and five others as accused.

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Apart from attacking the boy, it seems that the gang members have threatened the boy by saying that they have already killed two people by telling you where you are headed. Mylar Devulapalli, who registered a case based on the complaint of the parents and the boy, said that the police are investigating.

Meanwhile, a similar incident took place in Andhra Pradesh last month. A girl narrowly escaped death after being attacked by a man under the influence of cannabis in Kavali, Potti Sriramulu, Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. A young man, who did not know what he was doing under the influence of marijuana, cut the throat of a girl who had no relation to him. This horrible incident came to light on Thursday. If we go into the details about this, the child is studying in second class in Potti Sriramulu Municipal School in Vengalarao Nagar, Kavali. His name is Chodahavyasripriya(8).

That evening Havyashree was coming home from school as usual. Accused Sheikh Khaderbasha resides in the same area. He was addicted to marijuana. Even that day he was under the influence of ganja. At the same time, the girl was seen coming from school. He attacked the girl with a blade under the influence of ganja. A part of the throat was cut off. The girl ran away from him and reached home. The young man who came running after the girl came to their house and said that he was the one who cut the girl’s throat.

He made a fuss outside the girl’s house for a while. Due to this, the locals panicked for a while. Eventually the parents of the child somehow managed to reach a private hospital with the girl. The girl was treated there. After that, according to the complaint of the girl’s parents, Khadarbasha who attacked Havyashree was taken into custody. Kavali CI K Srinivas said that the police are interrogating him as well as his parents.

Last Updated Mar 2, 2023, 2:11 PM IST

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