Gas leak from geyser.. Couple dies, son sick…

Jaipur: A tragic incident has come to light in Rajasthan. A couple died due to gas leakage from the geyser. Their five-year-old son has fainted and is being treated in the hospital. The incident took place in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Police said that the couple died of suffocation due to geyser gas leakage while they were taking bath in their house.

They said their five-year-old son, who was with them in the bathroom, fell unconscious and is currently being treated at the hospital. The deceased have been identified as Sivanarayana Jhanwar (37) and his wife Kavita Jhanwar (35). Son Vihan. All of them are residents of Shapura. They played with colors on Sheetla Ashtami day, said investigating officer Jitendra Singh.

After that they went to the bathroom to take a bath. However, after two hours passed, the three did not come out of the bathroom and the family members got suspicious and knocked on the door. But there was no response. So they broke the door and saw. There is a bathroom geyser on. All three were lying unconscious on the ground. Immediately the three were taken to the district hospital. However, the doctors have already declared the couple dead, the official said. The child is being treated.

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Meanwhile, a tragic incident in Raichur in the state of Karnataka caused local panic. A fire broke out in the house and the mother and two daughters were burnt alive. The incident took place in Raichur Taluk Shakti Nagar KPCL Colony on the afternoon of the day of the incident. Shakti Nagar police station staff said that the deceased have been identified as Ranjitha (33), Mridula (13) and Tarunya (5). It is suspected that the accident occurred due to fire in the AC of the house. However, the exact cause of the house fire was not known.

Rayachoti SP Satyanarayana and Shakti Nagar PSI went to the spot and investigated after receiving information about the incident. The family of Siddha Lingaiah, who was working as an AE at Shakti Nagar thermal center, met with this accident. Siddha Lingaiah belongs to Mandya district. Siddha Lingaiah was not at home at the time of the accident. The police reached the scene of the incident and shifted the dead bodies to Rims Hospital Mortuary. Due to the fire, the thick smoke spread to the surrounding houses. Not knowing what was going to happen, the locals panicked.


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