Good news for mass maharaja fans.. An exciting update from Ravi Teja’s ‘Ravanasura’!

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is gearing up for another film ‘Ravanasura’. On this occasion, back to back updates are being provided from the movie.

latest update from RaviTejas Ravanasura movie

First Published Feb 12, 2023, 5:30 PM IST

Mass maharaja Ravi Teja is making dust with back to back films without giving any gap. He also got consecutive hits. ‘Dhamaka’ was released at the end of last year and became a blockbuster hit. He made his fans happy with ‘Waltheru Veeraya’ which came on the occasion of Sankranti. Along with the theatrical release, the film also rained money at the box office. Ravi Teja, who is receiving consecutive hits, is planning to release his next movies on the same scale.

Ravi Teja’s next project is ‘Ravanasura’ which is getting ready for release. ‘Swami Rara’ fame director Sudhir Varmane is also directing this film. It is jointly produced under the banners of Arti Team Work and Abhishek Pictures. Ravi Teja and Abhishek Naama are acting as producers. The posters that have already been released from the film are impressive. The glimpses that came on the occasion of Ravi Teja’s birthday increased interest in the film.

Makers who are providing series of updates like this.. have recently given another crazy announcement. It was said shortly that another update is coming from ‘Ravanasura’. The time has also been fixed that the update will come tomorrow (February 28) at 10:08 am. Last time Intensive Glimpses was released.. this time there will be a possibility of any song. As five heroines are acting in it, it seems that there is a chance of getting an update related to them. It remains to be seen what tomorrow’s update will be.

Ravi Teja looks very different in the action thriller film. Sushant and Jayaram are playing pivotal roles in the film. Anu Emmanuel, Megha Akash, Faria Abdullah, Daksha Nagarkar and Poojita Ponnada are playing five heroines. Harshavardhan Rameshwar and Bheems Cicerolio are composing the music. It is scheduled to release worldwide on April 7 this year.

Last Updated Feb 12, 2023, 5:46 PM IST

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