Green Corridor for 10th Class Exam

An incident in West Bengal where a green corridor was set up for a student because she was not able to appear on time for the tenth class examination.

Green Corridor for 10th Class Exam in West Bengal - bsb

First Published Feb 27, 2023, 6:51 AM IST

West Bengal: Green Corridor. In order to save those who are in danger of death… It is mostly used to donate the organs given by brain dead patients to another patient on time. But in West Bengal, setting up a green corridor for a student writing an exam has become a topic of discussion. The police there arranged a green corridor for a student who was going to write the class 10th exam. If we go into the details of this incident which seems a bit surprising..

The establishment of a green corridor for a student to reach the exam hall in Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal, is now in the news across the state. There is a humane aspect behind it that makes everyone appreciate it.. A student was seen wearing school uniform on the abandoned road near Haw Da Bridge. She is crying and helping everyone. She begs everyone to help her. But no one is listening to her words.

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After seeing this happening for a long time, the traffic inspector Chakraborty came to her to find out what was the matter. He was on duty there that day. He asked the student why she was crying like that. Hearing what she said, his heart melted. She said that she was going to write the tenth class exams.. She said that she had to go to the Adarsha Shikshaniketan exam center in Shayambazar. But she says that she is not able to go on time, so she is asking everyone for help.

They should have taken someone home with them.. they should have asked them to leave till the exam.. the inspector told the girl that.. her grandfather had died… all the family members were at his funeral… but she was going to write the exam. With this the inspector’s heart was filled with kindness..and he took the student in his official vehicle to take her to the exam hall on time. In coordination with others, instructions were issued to establish a green corridor to the examination center. The student was dropped off at the examination center at exactly 11:30 am. The student was able to take the exam on time.

Last Updated Feb 27, 2023, 6:51 AM IST

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