Guppedantha Manasu: Jagati Mahendra who gave a warning to Devaya.. Vasudhara wants to tell the truth to Rishi?

In today’s episode, while Jagati and Mahendra are thinking, meanwhile Rishi is coming there, Rishi is coming and Mahendra says go to bed, so Mahendra goes to bed, acting as if he has a stomach ache. Then Rishi comes there and asks if your health is good, leave the matter aside, what happened to the work you went, why didn’t I go to tender with the fruit, Dad said the work went well. Then Mahendra asks the Rishi for answers. Dharani comes there while Rishi asks what happened to madam dadi. Rishi says did you give kashayam to Vadina Dad means I have not drunk it yet it is there.

Then Dharani and Jagati are laughing while looking at Mahendra and Dharani. Then while Rishi is forcing Mahendra to drink, he says no Rishi means it doesn’t matter, drink it or not. The world laughs at that. Rishi says Chalaya Babu and leaves from there. As Dharani goes there, Jagati and Mahendra are joking. Their love will always bind them together. Jagati says the day Rishi will know the truth is near. After that, Rishi sits alone and thinks about what happened.

However, he gives a missed call to Vasudhara and hangs up, wondering if I have spoken wrongly or correctly. Vasudhara says that Rishi sir is giving a new missed call, but I will give a missed call and not him. Now Rishi will give any missed call and turn off? He thinks that after doing everything, he will attack me again. Rishi calls, thinking that I will do it myself. Then Vasudhara calls correctly and both of them get busy at the same time. She thinks that she is hurting Rishi sir unnecessarily or taking too many risks. Then Vasu calls Rishi.

He said that he wanted to talk on the phone and said, “Sir, you gave a missed call, did you miss a call?” That means, sir, have you called to scold me again? Then Vasudhara says remember what you have to say and Rishi remembers everything. Then Rishi angrily says that you have given many memories, you have done what you have to do, how can you speak without being angry. Then Vasu tries to speak and Rishi angrily says that I can’t speak as beautifully as you without giving him a chance. Then they argue with each other. Then Rishi hangs up the phone saying “boy” without hearing what he is saying.

Then Vasudhara will not believe Rishi sir that I told the truth in the current situation. Now it feels right to remain silent. Later, while Jagati is reading a book, Mahendra wants to play games and disturb Jagati, meanwhile Devayani comes there. Then Mahendra, how is your stomach ache? Again, when do you get stomach ache, you don’t tell me about stomach ache. Stomach pains are said to come anytime. Jagati says I know everything Mahendra Vasudhara Rishi has planned to go on mission education tour together, how do you know all this, Jagati says you know about me, I heard what you talked about.

Jagati laughs as she says, ‘Do you understand what you are doing?’ Devayani gets tensed saying that I have played only one, you have played many plays, hired spies in college and you have done a lot. Then tell me that I will tell you this to Rishi, I am waiting for you to tell me sometime. Devayani gets tensed as Jagati Mahendra warns that you only tell about stomach ache but we tell everything hidden in stomach.

Then Devayani leaves from there. On our side, Vasudhara is pouring milk into a bowl in the kitchen and thinking about Rishi’s words. Then while all the milk was being poured down, Chakrapani came there and said what are you doing mom, oh dad, sorry dad, I mean no mom, I will clean it, Chakrapani wipes the milk. What happened mother? Chakrapani says why are you so distracted.. It hurts this father to think about you. He asks how many years have you been suffering with this pain in your mind. I can see how much Rishi sir is suffering because you are not able to tell the real thing and you don’t know the real truth.

Chakrapani says that Rishi Sir is a great man with a great heart and says that he is afraid that if he tells the truth to Rishi sir, how will he understand it. Chakrapani dares to say that you know everything about sir, I have nothing to say. Vasudhara says I will share the wife of my heart with Rishi Sir as you said father.


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