Guppedantha Manasu: Jagati who gave courage to Vasudhara.. Dharani who is ready to teach wisdom to Devaya?

In today’s episode, Otamin has to admit that everything that Rishi thinks will not happen. Pack the mouthpieces. Vasudhara was thinking that I didn’t accept what I said, while on the other hand, Vasudhara was thinking that since you said I am not your wife, sir, I am not me. Rishi says Vasudhara, because of that one mistake you made, we have wished many good memories and miracles in life. Not all situations in life are the same, but those situations made me do this mistake. Vasu feels sad that you have given me a great punishment. Then you think that I have caused you some pain, you are thinking about how much pain I am suffering, Vasu is thinking about Rishi and talking about Vasu.

Then Vasu is sad to see Tali, meanwhile Jagati comes there and asks if it has started again. When you see this thali in the morning, you feel sad. Jagati asks if there was any early chat war again. She says Rishi said anything means Rishi sir I am not sad but Rishi sir is sad that such a situation has happened madam. Out of the four, he saved my dignity but would not give me the place of his wife. Rishi is not what you think Rishi’s mind is a golden hill. But now that mind is frozen like ice. It says that you have to dissolve it with love.

Jagati dares Vasudhara to think whether the Rishi who was once is the same as the one who is now. I thought that he has taken down my burden in front of everyone but Rishi Sir said my husband but I am not his wife. Madam Vasudhara is sad. Later, when Rishi leaves for college, he sees Vasu coming and wonders if he will ask me for a lift or come in my car. I was thinking in my mind that should I go and ask sir for a lift, sir can he ask me to come? Then Rishi goes without saying anything and sits in the car, I wonder if Rishi sir is threatening me. Then Rishi honks his horn and goes near Vasudhara, Rishi thinks I don’t need to give him a lift and leaves.

After that, while Rishi is driving the car thinking about Vasudhara, Rishi is suddenly surprised when he hears a sound horn from behind. Then seeing Jagati Mahendra coming on a bike and Vasudhara on a bike, Rishi is surprised that they are all coming like this. Later Jagati and Mahendra go to college together. Then Mahendra stopped the bike and asked Rishi why he came to the college like this, I don’t know what to say, Jagati said, Jagati said, I am not brave enough. Now there is a way, Jagati is not saying one thing on you or else we should go out like that and Rishi is leaving saying let’s come inside when we get to the college, while Vasudhara comes and says why did you leave me like that in the middle, let’s go inside.

Then, no matter how much Vasu calls them, Mahendra will leave there without paying attention. After that Rishi also comes to college. Then they both look at each other from a distance. Rishi is thinking why dad they have not come yet. Then Rishi angrily goes into the cabin without saying anything and tells Vasudhara to come. Then Vasudhara calls Rishi instead of going there, Rishi says I told him to come and not call him. Sir, I have urgent work, so I am coming, so don’t worry, sir. Vasudhara goes there saying I am coming. Then while going to Vasudhara’s cabin, Jagati gets in the way and Jagati laughs at Vasudhara’s words. Then both of them are jokingly talking.

After that, while Devayani is waiting for someone and thinking, Dharani comes and asks if Attayya Garu is coming for whom, Dharani gets serious, Devayani. Devayani says that no matter who comes, don’t come, you should come only when I call you. Then Pantulugaru comes and says something. Then Pantulugaru leaves from there.


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