guppedantha Manasu: Rishi who asked Vasu why he came home.. Was it God who provoked Rishi?

In today’s episode, Vasudhara has come as a guest in this guest room for many years but now I have come as a man of this house, the same room is the same man but in which mind is happy thinking something unknown happiness. In the meantime, Vasudhara comes there unexpectedly and says that I have cleaned the room today, and Vasudhara touches Dharani saying that it is for me ma’am. Vasudhara also gets happy saying that I am very happy that you have come as a guest for so many days and today you have come as a man of the house.

But you should be very careful at home, elder uncle is very angry with you. Vasudhara is happy that Rishi Sare is as much as my world, my world, my happiness, there is no need to care about him. After that, Rishi wakes up and thinks why did he sleep for so long today, he looks at his mobile and thinks that he hasn’t even sent a single message. After that, he went out thinking something, then Vasudhara was doing puja and his eyes were glazed and when he came in he saw something like this and he was wondering if this is real or just my imagination.

Then while Vasudhara was doing the puja, he was surprised to hear that Vasudhara had actually come. Then Rishi went downstairs to ask if Vasudhara had come home and did not meet me, then he was surprised to see that Vasudhara was doing pooja. Rishi asks why are you staying here sir, I came to stay here because you said why. I also asked the same question and Devayani comes there saying Rishi. Rishi is surprised as Vasudhara came for a long time and their father himself came and gave the luggage and made them feel very down. Devayani keeps teasing and spoiling Vasudhara.

Devayani keeps saying that she came home holding it because Vasudhara is my wife among those ten people. Devayani says that Mahendra and Jagatila also said what Vasudhara, you talked a lot then why are you not talking now. Then Rishi Vasudhara says come to my room and leaves, then Vasudhara leaves saying that madam will go there and answer the questions. When Vasudhara goes into Rishi’s room, Vasudhara says this, and the officer says I got it for you.

Rishi says sir, I am trying to make the truth that you said true, why did you come here and your father dropped you here? Rishi says I should say one word before coming. Rishi says, what do you want to do now, sir, what is your choice, what is my choice, did you come in the house with my permission? Later Rishi says I don’t want coffee and Vasudhara leaves.. Then Rishi stops Jagati and asks why you didn’t say anything madam, don’t you feel wrong.

Rishi says I don’t know what to say in this matter. Jagati says what I said among ten people is true, Vasudhara is making it true, I don’t know what, I am confused. Then Vasu should call Jagati and talk about mission education which is what talking at home means come on madam. After that, Vasu, Jagati, Mahendra and Phanindra all talk about mission education. Then when Rishi came there, he didn’t call me and said MD in a way that Rishi could understand, and everyone was praising Vasu. Then the Rishi defends himself well.

Then Vasu said that it is not possible for everyone to agree to all the things, then Mahendra said that both of them were going somewhere, Rishi said to Vasudhara, write everything on paper and send it to me as Dad Vasudhara said, Rishi left from the counter in reverse. Mahendra asks Vasu what should we do now and he says sir the meeting is over and leaves from there Jagati asks if these two will ever understand each other that means they both have mad love for each other, Jagati says Mahendra. Jagati says that they keep arguing with each other, Mahendra i.e. two smart people and two people who have a little bit of self-respect, this is their problem. Then both Jagati and Mahendra are talking about the Vasudhara rishis.


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