Guppedantha Manasu: Rishi who keeps Vasu away.. Devya who started a new drama?

In today’s episode, Rishi goes to kitchen for Dharani, meanwhile Dharani comes there and wants something, Vadina says I came to talk about elder brother, but your elder brother is not coming, Rishi says. Everyone dreams that life should be like this, but it is not the same for everyone. Vadina says that what you have said is mostly true i.e. most of the time what Rishi says is complete truth. Rishi says that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things that do not happen just happen. He says that they have been waiting for brother to come for so many days, you are very great, Vadina.

Rishi says that I thought that he would come for some years, but for some days I thought that he would not actually come. Then while they are both talking, Devayani comes there and thinks that where is this Vasudhara and Shailendra has taken the topic unnecessarily. Then Dharani says to Rishi that I never talked about Shailendra with elder uncle then Rishi says leave it now I will take care of the rest. Later Vasu goes to the terrace as there is no Vasu in the room. Then while Vasudhara is talking to their father, Rishi comes there and listens.

Rishi says I came here after searching for you so much, you are giving good covering to your mother and father. Vasu says if you have to tell everything to your uncles, they will ask you sir. Rishi says that if every girl goes to her aunt’s house, the parents are afraid. Rishi says, Vasu, should you come for me, sir, if you called me, I would have come, which means you have not yet received the authority to come. Rishi says it is not right for you to come to my room at this time. Then both of them are talking sadly. Devayani comes there and is shocked to see Vasu where they are not seen.

Then Vasu and Rishi hold each other’s hands and after you came, my life has changed a lot. Rishi says that you have stopped, sir, I don’t understand what to say. The distance between us is the same as the love and it scares me, thinking that this is what I want, God. Rishi asks if you can say good night, sir, then Rishi leaves. On the other hand, Jagathi and Mahendra are sad thinking about Dharani. Jagati then unnecessarily takes the topic of Vasudhara Shailendra and says that Devayani will hurt Akkayya Dharani more.

Mahendra says we can’t do anything about this so we have to think about it. Then they feel sad thinking about Dharani. Later, while everyone is sitting together, Fanindra’s mother Dharani brings coffee to everyone and says Ramma. Devayani says Rishi felt like giving coffee to everyone. Then Devyani gives coffee to everyone. Now everyone will be surprised as Devyani says none of you are going to college today because we are doing pooja today.

Devayani asks why this vrat is called Vadina Sudan, isn’t it traditional for the newly married couple to do vrat when they are at home? Devayani says, I have prepared everything because you don’t need these for the world. Later, Jagati and Mahendra leave from there. Mahendra and Jagati go into the room and say, what Jagati is this suddenly? Jagati says Vadina has planned something. Jagati means yes Mahendra. Then both are talking in confusion. Later, Devayani Dharani would make arrangements for the pooja. Meanwhile, the house is very happy with Jagati’s arrival, Devayani is playing Jagati and talking to Jagati very lovingly.


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