Guppedantha Manasu: Vasudhara who entered the house as Rishi’s wife.. Chakrapani who gave wisdom to Devaya?

In today’s episode, when Rishi and Vasudhara take the gift brought by the minister for Vasudhara, they say these are ours, sir, keep them with you, but they are ours, not yours. Rishi says these are ours, sir, keep them with you, the mangalsutra is around your neck, you have tied it yourself, take it. Rishi says sadly that if I take it all myself, sir, I have my own troubles, Vasudhara, they are enough. Chakrapani is thinking about all that. After that, when Rishi went home, Vasu was looking at the flowers while Vasudhara said thank you, you are a gentleman.

Then Rishi messages why thanks. Then they both have a fun chat. Then Vasudhara gets sad as Rishi texts her about her injury. Later, Vasudhara gets sad looking at the VR ring on her palm. The letters in this ring are not different, sir. She thinks that your sufferings are my sufferings, sir. Vasudhara thinks how can I leave you like this when you are so anxious for me sir I will take a step forward for you. After that, Devayani sat down and said, “Come get Dharani coffee” which means there is no milk, then Phanindra and Mahendra Jagati come there. Then Mahendra says that if you don’t have milk, you should bring it, how can you trouble the one who left it.

If Rishi wakes up and buys coffee for Mahendra Rishi, not for me, then what should I say? In the meantime, Devayani says that someone has come and opens the door, and is shocked to see Chakrapani there. Then Dharani looks at Chakrapani without saying Devya no matter how much they call Fanindra. Everyone goes there wondering who is going to tell Devya and everyone is shocked to see Chakrapani. Then Chakrapani Ramma i.e. Vasudhara comes with the luggage and everyone is shocked to see it. Jagati and Mahendra are happy to see it.

Then after saluting Fanindra saying Namaskaram Bavagaru, what are those calls that means when Vasudhara becomes the daughter-in-law of this house, you will become my brother-in-law, Akkayya-garu. Phanindra says when Rishi sir says that Vasudhare is his wife in front of everyone, it is not right to keep my daughter in my house, Akkayya garu. Phanindra says, Akkayya Garu, there are four types of corrupt people in Padulokam. That is why Akkayya garu says that I am handing over the daughter-in-law of your house to you. Then what about Devayani Jagati Mahendra. What will happen? Then Chakrapani says that the lady of our house is not available at the time, Akkaya or she would have come too.

Then Vasu enters the house. Then Devayani asks what right do you have to enter Agu’s house and with what authority are you coming inside. Then everyone gets shocked as Vasudhara shows Devaya the thali on his neck. Then Chakrapani will go and Akkayya will see a good day and take her son-in-law and daughter to our house, while Devayani gets angry and Dharani Mahendra Jagati is happy. Then Vasudhara madam Rishi sir got up, did you give me coffee, that means milk did not come, Dharani said, while the milk came, you go and boil the milk, I will go to the god’s temple and get the staff.

After that when Jagati Mahendra comes near Vasudhara, Jagati says I have done something wrong, you have done a very good job with madam madam. Then the people of the world will be happy saying that you have done a very good job telling Vasudhara courage. On the other hand, Dharani speaks more angrily as Dharani talks to Devayani. Meanwhile Vasu comes there and says something madam today is good madam she says tell me what could be a better day than this. Madam, I know what you are thinking, no matter how many questions you ask, I will give you two answers, one is this Tali and the other is Rishi sir. Dharani madam I will help you from tomorrow. Vasudhara leaves from there saying that she should add one more glass of rice from today. Then Vasudhara went into the room and was happy.


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