Guppedantha Manasu: Vasudhara who teased Rishi… Rishi trying to know the truth?

In today’s episode, Rishi texts Vasudhara asking if Rishi’s headache has subsided, and Vasudhara replies that you have left. Then Rishi thinks I have become a headache. He thinks that I am more annoyed and angry than Vasudha. Now when both of them call at the same time, both of them get busy at the same time, so both of them wonder who they are talking to. Vasudhara calls immediately and is surprised to find the switch off. After that, Rishi and Vasudhara get sad knowing their memories. On the other hand Vasudhara is also sad thinking about Rishi.

Later, while Rishi is working in the college, Rishi greets Pushpa when Pushpa comes there. Then Rishi asks about Vasudhara’s husband, we don’t know anything, sir, so we have made a plan, and Rishi says that it is a good idea that we are all going to Vasudhara’s house this Sunday. Pushpa says Rishi, instead of going to Vasudhara’s house, Vasudhara told her husband to come to your house. Rishi says pushpa think something about this matter. Rishi thinks it’s smart to ask him for wedding photos and videos, but he doesn’t answer anything, saying sir.

Later, Rishi gives Chakrapani’s number while Pushpa is leaving there. After that Rishi calls Chakrapani. Then Vasudhara changes his voice and immediately Rishi hangs up the phone. Then Rishi cuts when Vasu calls. Then Vasudhara calls and says who called and says she doesn’t know anything. Then Rishi is surprised that Vasudhara is dry again and again. Then Vasu playfully talks to Rishi. MD garu is trying well for details. Later, coming to Vasudhara College, she thinks that Rishi sir is trying hard to know the truth.

Then while the Rishi was walking, Vasudhara ignored his call and went away with some distraction and sat down. Let’s go and greet Rishi sir, Vasudhara goes there thinking that it is my Rishi sir who does not get angry if he gets angry. Then Vasudhara goes near the Rishi and sits like a Rishi and imitates the Rishi. Then Rishi says when did you come, I will always be behind you sir. Rishi thinks that you should be beside me, not behind me. Then he says don’t think too much sir then again he says then why did you hide some things.

Then both of them get sad and think about what happened in the past. Then he says let’s go, Sir, I will not come, you go. Then 7 digits should come in the counting box, then the Rishi gets up after counting the seven digits and goes with Vasudhara. On the other hand, Mahendra, Rishi, says, “Don’t be late in business. Jagati has already passed one day in two days. There is only one more day left.” Jagati says why are you so angry Mahendra, think a little. Meanwhile, when Rishi comes there, Jagati starts a new plan.


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